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Winter Bucket List - 20 Things to do When You're Bored this Winter

For those of us who are avid lovers of the summer time and don't know what to do with ourselves once the sun starts setting at 4pm, we will need a great list of things to do with our time! Luckily for all of us, I have curated the perfect list of 20 things to do when you're bored this winter.

1 - Baking Day

Baking is definitely one of the coziest activities that you can do during the winter, especially with a friend! You can bake cookies, pies, or even make gingerbread houses!

To encourage your creativity with baking, you can always try baking something you've never made before, or try making your favorite baked goods but vegan. I made vegan sugar cookies one year with my best friend while she was vegan, and they turned out phenomenally!

2 - Ice Skating

Ice skating seems to be number one on everyone's bucket lists during the winter time, especially as it gets closer to Christmas.

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of ice skating because I'm not very good at it and the cold temperature isn't always the best - but, I can certainly see why people love to go ice skating during the winter.

3 - Movie Day

Cold weather almost immediately calls for a movie marathon day - especially if you live somewhere that you're prone to getting snowed in. They're the perfect way to wind down and give yourself an excuse to do nothing all day.

My favorite movie series to binge is, of course, the Harry Potter series. To me, no other movies screams "Christmas" like Harry Potter! Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, wrap up in your favorite blanket, and watch until you fall asleep!

4 - Go Thrifting

One of my personal favorite activities to do during any season is going thrifting - for clothes, home décor, you name it! For those of us who want quality pieces, while shopping more sustainably with a budget, thrifting will soon become your new best friend.

I cannot talk highly enough about thrifting; I have found all of my best pieces from my local thrift shops and highly recommend that you check out thrift stores near you!

5 - Try a New Sport

Sports are probably the best way to get active during any time of the year, especially if you're not one to go to the gym for physical activity.

Some sports that I'd highly recommend trying out are skateboarding, tennis, scootering, roller skating, and billiards. Those are just a few of my favorite but there are tons of sports that you can try out that are just as fun!

6 - Redecorate

Whether you're decorating for the holidays, furnishing a new home, or simply want a change in scenery around your house, redecorating is one of the most satisfying ways to boost your home environment.

For all of the home-bodies out there, I would recommend updating your space quite regularly so that you stay inspired by your environment!

7 - Plan a Trip

Planning trips is one of my top favorite things to do in life. I find planning trips ahead of time to be the most rewarding because you save an insane amount of money and will have time to replenish your bank account by the time of the trip.

Popular places to travel such as New York, Miami, and Paris most definitely need to be planned ahead of time in order to save as much money as possible!

8 - Have a Snow Day

As someone who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, I never experience snow days unless I travel up north or go to a different state where there's snow. However, I certainly enjoy throwing the occasional snowball and playing in the snow when I get to visit it!

9 - Make a Pinterest Board

Pinterest boards are fun to make for any occasion - you can plan for your Instagram feed, create an outfit inspo board, or find new ideas for nail designs. I love making Pinterest boards when I'm lacking in creativity because I can get so many ideas from what others have shared on their accounts!

Check out my Pinterest for some board inspiration!

10 - Work on Your Goals

Working and planning your goals can sound intimidating at first, but if you're truly serious about your goals, then you have to take steps (even if they're small) to achieving those goals!

When I don't particularly feel like shooting content but still want to work on my career, I always try to find new ideas for videos, places to shoot, or write blog posts so that they're prepared ahead of time.

There's so much that you can do to work on your goals - I know that finding the motivation to do so can be hard sometimes, but you got this!

11 - DIY Projects

DIY projects are the perfect at-home activity. If you're someone who loves creating, DIY projects are calling your name this winter! My personal favorite DIY project would have to be making clothing. This can include upcycling or starting a new garment from scratch.

12 - Local Concerts

This year, I have gone to more shows than any other year in my life - I've found a new passion for going to local shows, meeting cool new people, and just enjoying the environment.

There's always a show/concert happening near you, you just have to know where to look! If you have favorite bands or local musicians, I recommend heading to their Instagram or tour site to see if they're playing a show in your area sometime soon!

13 - Photoshoot

If you're a creative or simply want some new photos for the winter season, now is your chance to start planning one! Planning photoshoots is always such a fun time - coming up with a concept and watching it come to life is one of the most inspiring and fulfilling things in the creative world!

14 - Visit New Places

Visiting new places around your area is something that I highly encourage anyone to do regularly! I love trying out new restaurants, shops, and taking a look at new scenery near me.

Often times, you'll discover your new favorite places when you take a chance on a new spot.

15 - R&R Day

Take the day to relax - have some spa time, make yourself some tea, watch your favorite movies, and anything else that keeps your brain from running at 100 mph like usual.

My favorite R&R day movies are usually anything fashion related like The Devil Wears Prada and Clueless, or one of my other favorite series, Fast and Furious. (I know, they couldn't be less related to one another)

If your job requires a lot of brain power from you on a daily basis, it's extremely important to take breaks that last at least a day or two. Burnout is real and it gets the best of all of us if we don't slow down to let our minds and bodies recharge.

16 - Bonfire

Bonfires are the perfect winter activity to do with friends - it's extremely cheap and you get a lot of quality time with your loved ones.

Whenever I go to a bonfire, my favorite thing to do is make s'mores; they're absolutely delicious and such a fun snack idea!

17 - Host a Meal

One thing that I'm really looking forward to once I move into my new place, is hosting meals for family and friends! I absolutely love the idea of bringing out beautiful kitchenware and serving a delicious meal - although I'm mostly one to cook breakfast and brunch, I would definitely love to try out hosting a dinner at some point in my life!

Meal hosting is such a great way to bring people together, even if it's just for the food!

18 - Go to the Movies

For all of the movie-goers out there, winter is probably the best time to go to the movies because it gives you a fun experience while still remaining warm and indoors!

There are always tons of movies coming out during the winter so I recommend checking out the current showtimes at theaters in your area.

19 - Go to the Arcade

Perhaps one of my top 5 favorite things to do with friends is going to the arcade. This one can definitely be a splurge if your local arcades don't have great deals, so I recommend doing your research on pricing before you go.

However, arcades can be super enjoyable with friends, family, or by yourself - if you're going to an event space arcade like Main Event or Dave & Busters, there's even a bar area where you can order a delicious meal as well!

20 - Volunteer

Lastly, this time of the year can be particularly difficult for a lot of people. Volunteering and donating are a couple of the best ways that you can help support those in need during the winter. Research your local soup kitchens, food banks, and charities so you can see how to help!


Head over to my Instagram (@faithblackshear) and TikTok (@faithblackshear) to check out the latest in my life and how my style is evolving!


"Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works."

1 Chronicles 16:8-9

-- Faith Blackshear


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