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What/Who I'm Wearing this Summer - June Fashion Finds

Although our summer vacation plans might have all been cancelled, or indefinitely put on hold, we can still find excuses to wear our latest fashion finds out and about. This summer, I've been wearing a lot of casual clothes, luckily without sacrificing the aesthetics! Today, I'm giving you all the run-down on what and who I'm wearing this summer.

Revice Denim - Boyfriend Jeans

The Hollywood Hangover jeans featured in the Super 80's collection from Revice Denim have definitely become my favorite pair of jeans. As a person with a 32" inseam and tiny waist, it's extremely difficult for me to find jeans, or pants in general, that are long enough while still fitting my waist. The Hollywood Hangover jeans were the exact length that I was hoping for - they went almost to the ground and I was truly shocked!

White Tank

For this look, I paired my jeans with the All You Need is Love Tank. Once again, the length of this tank top was exceptional. Although the length of tank tops aren't as big of a deal as jeans are because you could just crop it more yourself, I still found it refreshing that the tank top was the length I wanted!

Revice Denim - Zipper Jeans

The Vintage Vegas jeans from the Yin Yang Crops collection by Revice Denim are another pair of killer jeans. When it comes to unique jeans, Revice basically has the upper hand every time - I'm always impressed by each collection they drop.

I paired the Vintage Vegas jeans with my H&M snakeskin tank top and black strappy heels from Steve Madden. For this outfit, I really wanted to embody a Bella Hadid off-duty model look - that's what my Pinterest boards' dreams are made of!

Mayfair Group - Athletics Sweatshirt

As I'm sure you all can tell by now (by my latest blog posts), I've basically been living in sweatshirts and sweatshorts since the start of the pandemic. The Green Crewneck from the Athletic Collection by Mayfair has definitely been one of the pieces I've been dying to wear out - sadly, it's much too hot outside to even think about wearing it before nightfall, or outside of the house in general.

I paired the crewneck with my black jean bermuda shorts from H&M and Converse. This outfit is perfect for hanging out with friends if you want to feel like you're still wearing pajamas! Personally, I find this shade of green extremely complementary to my skin tone and I love how it looks next to my faded bermuda shorts.

Mayfair Group - Sweatshorts & Tee

The Mayfair Athletics Grey Tee just so happens to be one of the only t-shirts that I own! As you all know, I'm a sucker for a two-piece set, so I couldn't resist pairing these grey sweatshorts with the t-shirt. To top off my look, I threw on some platform Vans and called it a day!

Now, I know what you're thinking..."Faith, you look like a 14 year old boy at a skate park in that outfit", and my response to that is: Once I have exciting places to go and people to see, then I will step up my game, but for now, this is what we're going for!

Ooh La Luxe - Leopard Print Dress

By now, you've probably heard me talk about Ooh La Luxe a few times already - they have quite the selection of pieces that are perfect for summer. I appreciate that they offer fashion that's still fashionable and comfortable, while remaining casual. This dress is great for summer because it's light, hugs my body, and has a bit of flare for the days I want to look a little nicer.

If you're looking for a few casual pieces to add to your wardrobe that will still make you look put together, I recommend checking out their online shop for fresh new looks.

I want to say thank you to Revice Denim, The Mayfair Group, and Ooh La Luxe for partnering with me and making this blog possible!

Thank you to Justin Villalobos for the photos!

Until next time,


"so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God's power"

1 Corinthians 2:5


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