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What Went Down this New York Fashion Week - NYFW SS 23

As always, I appreciate everyone and everything that went into making this season a reality! During my trip to New York this September for fashion week, I had the opportunity to view some runways, attend some pop-up shops in SoHo, and make some new friends - which is always the best time!

So, let's get into everything that went down during this New York Fashion Week...

September 9-10th

I was so excited for the first night of my trip because I had been invited to the Adore Me runway show and I had a super cute outfit planned. However, my airline had other plans because *shocker*, they left my luggage in Phoenix.

Luckily, they were able to put my luggage on the next flight out and it was back to me by the end of the night so I wouldn't have to miss out on any other events that I had planned for the week (God bless!).

The next day, I had my first official event of fashion week, the New Leaper runway, held at Spring Studios. For this show, I wore an entire Jonesy by Brenton Jones outfit, featuring this cropped puffer, sweatpants, and this cropped long sleeve top. For my shoes, I wore my Gianni Bini platform boots that I absolutely adore.

I always love getting the chance to work with Brenton Jones on crafting an outfit because his style is unlike what we get to see in Arizona. It's such a pleasure collaborating on styling as well because we both have such different visions that come together symbiotically.

The show featured plenty of trends that I've been seeing pop-up everywhere in the fashion industry as of late - for instance, there were twins walking the runway styled together, bright monochromatic looks, and even a performance by Julian Woodhouse and his army for the finale.

My next scheduled event was supposed to be the Revolve Gallery, that I was unable to make it to, due to a time crunch before my next event, the Primark runway. For Primark, we made our way to Brooklyn and I met up with my friend Daryl to view the show!

For this event, I wore this dress by Sweet en Forme that I rented off of Nuuly and paired it with a black teacup skirt from Charlotte Russe, my black Call It Spring loafers, white frilly socks, and an elegant black bag that I thrifted from Goodwill.

This was definitely one of my favorite looks because I styled this outfit differently than what would usually first come to mind when I'm putting looks together. My goal for my style is to break out of my comfort zones (while still maintaining my morals) and explore all avenues of fashion. There are so many different ways to put pieces together and I find them all so inspiring!

Primark featured looks that were definitely giving "back to school" which was perfect because we're transitioning into fall and who doesn't love an excuse to purge and replace your wardrobe for the season?

The models looked a little different from who we usually see strutting down the runway - Primark used models who weren't the clean-cut industry standard, and it was quite refreshing to say the least. I saw more diversity on the runway this season in general than I've ever seen; so, +1 brownie points to the fashion industry!

After making our way back to SoHo after the Primark show, Daryl and I stopped by the Jaded London pop-up shop, grabbed some macarons from Laduree (as usual), and hit the streets looking at all the latest styles in stores and spotting people's street style looks for Blerr Magazine.

September 11th

The next day, New York had a mind of its own in terms of weather - it was raining a good amount this day so we shot the best content we could while being rained on. Since I was unable to attend the Adore Me show on my first night, I took some time this morning to shoot the outfit so that it wouldn't go to waste (these pieces were also rented from Nuuly so this was my only chance to capture them).

For this look, I wore my new purple Steve Madden shoes, a brown bag I got from Forever 21 a while back, this multi-colored top from Free People, and these blue wide leg capri pants from Grey Lab. Both my top and pants were rented from Nuuly and I am very sad to have to part with them!

After shooting my Adore Me show look, I did a quick change at our hotel and threw on this Good American outfit that was, undoubtedly, my most comfortable/casual chic outfit of my trip. We shot this look in the financial district, where we were staying, and then made our way up to SoHo to do some browsing.

For this look, I wore my leotard and jeans from Good American, which you can use code 'GOOD50' to get $50 off your first pair of denim, my coach kitten heels, and my tote bag from Marc Jacobs.

While in SoHo, we met up with Daryl to visit the Coach x Mirf (Mint & Serf) pop-up and definitely saw some cool pieces from the collaboration! The pop-up was essentially paint splatter themed and it was SUPER cute! Not only did the bags from the collab feature pieces with paint splatters, but they made the walls, floor, and couches match the theme as well.

After taking some time to rest after exploring SoHo all day, I went to midtown to view the Negris Lebrum runway for their "Black to Basic" collection!

For the show, I wore Jonesy by Brenton Jones for my top half - a black tank top, corset, and side satchel - and paired that with these brown cargo pants that I rented from Nuuly, along with brown and white platform sneakers that I was gifted after a runway in Los Angeles (that happen to be from a Walmart collection, if you can believe it!).

The show had really great basics (as the collection's name implies) that were extremely versatile for evenings out or just your daily styling needs, but also featured statement pieces that mixed patterns, which I'm a huge fan of!

September 12-13th

The next couple days were pretty relaxed as I didn't have any events planned for these days. However, first things first, we had to shoot some content in my outfit!

For my first outfit on Monday, I wore one of my favorite tops from Cider, my Revice Denim jeans that will probably go with me to the grave, a pink quilted shoulder bag, and these pink boots from Zara that were gifted to me by my friend Daryl for my birthday last year.

To me, this look fully embodies "street style" - it's walkable, breathable, comfortable, and fashionable.

Later this day, I met back up with Daryl and just had some quality friend time walking the streets of SoHo and talking about life - it was definitely much needed! We even stopped by the Museum of Ice Cream and got some scoops to hold us over for the night. (we can just pretend that I'm not lactose intolerant)

The next day, my dad and I spent some time exploring the city more and had a bunch of great food! We stopped by Bluestone Lane for breakfast and I ordered a breakfast burrito with tea on the side - I still think about that burrito almost every day and can't wait to have it again the next time I'm near a Bluestone Lane (which will hopefully be sometime next month)!

For lunch, I grabbed some pizza and bread rolls at a corner pizza spot and it was truly amazing - carbs are such a blessing to the tastebuds. Next, we stopped by Zara, met up with Daryl once again, and peaked at a couple nearby art exhibits.

September 14th

For my last full day in New York, I met up with my friend Sarita before attending the Selkie runway in Brooklyn. This show was the one I was looking forward to the most this season and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend!

For the show, I wore a dress by Viti, an independent designer based out of Arizona, and paired it with a yellow mini bag, a few ribbons, and these Mach and Mach heels that were so generously gifted to me by my friend Britney for my birthday this year!

I loved this look so much and couldn't wait to wear it to the show!

Once again, thank you all for tuning in to another New York Fashion Week recap and I'm extremely grateful for every opportunity that the Lord blesses me with! Thanks to every friend and family member who always support me, and I'm also super grateful for the people in the industry that make this all possible for me each season.

You guys can check out my NYFW SS 23 YouTube video linked below to watch everything I did this season - you can also follow along on my Instagram to get real-time updates on all of my experiences! <3


"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful."

John 15:1-2

-- Faith Blackshear


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