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What to Wear for Your Online Classes this Semester - Fashion Guide

This semester, the classroom is looking a bit different - it's more like your bedroom or living room! However, since attending online classes for a few semesters now, I've gathered a few tips and tricks on how to manage your wardrobe so that you can feel the most productive during the day!

Sweat Shorts Sets

You can literally never go wrong with matching sets - they're great for almost every occasion and they're the easiest to style! When it comes to choosing your matching sets for online classes, I highly suggest picking up a few pairs with sweat shorts; it's time to embrace the 14 year old boy look and be comfortable!

Over these past few months, my closet has gained quite the plethora of sweat shorts and I'm definitely not mad about it. When styled correctly, you will look like the trendiest person in your whole class! (even though you're actually the only person there)

Sets with sweat shorts are ideal for taking online classes because you can still be stylish while wearing probably the most comfortable outfit in your wardrobe. Honestly, your sweatshorts can double as pajamas, making them great for your midday naps - trust me, after taking online classes for a couple months, you will become a midday napper!

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Lounge Sets

For the lazier days when you know you'll be stuck at your laptop literally all day and won't be seeing the outside world, lounge sets are perfect! I definitely recommend getting loungewear that you feel really good in because you still want to feel productive all day so that you don't get lazy or unmotivated.

I think that the important thing about getting dressed everyday for classes is so that you can still have a normal routine and your brain won't want to shut down because it's confused about lying around in pajamas all day. Although loungewear sets are basically elevated pajamas, it's still healthy to change out of your pajamas so that your brain will have the mentality to get things done!

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Comfy Dress

Now, I know that most people's first choice for working from home wouldn't be a dress, but hear me out - they are literally the simplest and quickest outfits to put on and you'll feel cute all throughout the day!

Don't get me wrong, when I recommend wearing a dress for online classes, I'm definitely talking about a super simple, comfy dress that you won't mind lying around in all day. When lounge dress shopping, I recommend looking for stretchy, soft materials that may be loose fitting or even flowy so you don't feel suffocated while you're working on your classes.

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Your Makeup Routine

I know that setting a makeup routine is probably the least of your worries when it comes to starting your online classes, but trust me, you will want to be so much more productive if you get ready everyday like you're actually going somewhere! Your makeup routine can be as simple as applying some chapstick or lip gloss and brushing through your eyebrows - you could also do something to your hair and you'll be ready to have a productive day!

For my online class makeup routine, I like to apply chapstick and put on my everyday jewelry; this makes me feel like I have my life together a little bit more and helps me want to stay productive throughout the day.

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Until next time,


"No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon" (money)

Luke 16:13


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