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Top Brands I'm Shopping this Winter

We are getting into the heart of the winter season already so it's about time to revamp our wardrobes! Here are the top brands that I've been shopping recently to help you all out in your shopping ventures.

I'm going to be completely transparent with you all - I don't personally buy many new clothes in general; most of the items that I post are either second hand, thrifted, or gifted. But, when I do buy myself some new goodies, here are the places that I've been shopping from!


**hint hint** there's a haul coming soon!

Cider has been on my radar for quite some time now and I finally put in my order about a month ago! They carry some pretty unique pieces, for very affordable prices, that are good quality for the money you're spending.

Personally, I've been stocking up on more winter skirts, dresses, and pants because I felt like those were what my closet was missing. Sometimes it's a little difficult to dress for the colder months because we just want to bundle up in our sweats and a huge fur coat - but, I assure you that there are plenty of warm pieces on the market that are super cute as well!

(No shade to our sweats and fur coats)


H&M is usually my spot for basics or when I want to get my hands on specific capsule collections that they drop from time to time. Currently, H&M is featuring the Circular Design Story edit that is filled with incredible pieces that you might mistake for Alexander McQueen or another eccentric designer! However, if you haven't already gotten your hands on some of the pieces from that collection, it may just be too late as most of them have sold out already...

The dress pictured above is a great piece for winter in Arizona because it's easily layerable and made out of sweater material, so it keeps my body warm.


Like many people, I'm definitely a fan of Zara because of their elevated basics, as well as their statement pieces. My favorite items to shop for at Zara are probably their clothing and accessories for events/going out. They have a great selection of pieces that can be easily dressed up with accessories and many that simply speak for themselves.

This dress from Zara is one of my favorites that I will certainly be wearing again in the near future because it has long sleeves as well as thick material on the top half to help keep my body warm.


Dillard's is my go-to when it comes to shoes - I am on a first name basis with the workers at the Dillard's I frequent. (No shame!)

The shoes pictured above are probably my favorite heels that I own. They are from Jessica Simpson and are the most comfortable pumps that I have; I have walked all night in them without my feet hurting.

I highly recommend checking out your closest Dillard's for all of your accessory needs because they carry such a huge selection of high-quality items, often discounted from their original prices around the mall.


Lastly, my favorite, Coach. I have been a Coach girl since day-1 and according to the media, they are making a come-back in the fashion industry.

If you aren't on the Coach train yet, get on it! They have the cutest accessories for affordable prices in the designer world. They also have outlets that you can shop from for even more affordable prices, while still maintaining quality.

This bag is one of my favorites that I don't wear often enough. It's certainly one of my biggest bags but I love that I can adjust the strap so that it still feels like a "me" bag!


Head over to my Instagram (@faithblackshear) and TikTok (@faithblackshear) to check out the latest in my life and how my style is evolving!


"He is my only rock and my salvation: he is my defense; I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge is in God."

Psalms 62:6-7

-- Faith Blackshear


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