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Top 6 Wardrobe Essentials this Spring

My spring wardrobe consists of some of this season's biggest trends - like blazers, pastels, and tie dye. So, I've created a list of the top 6 wardrobe essentials for this spring - hopefully this will help you all with your seasonal shopping!


1. Tie Dye/Watercolors

Tie Dye has been making a huge wave in the fashion world recently - from skirts to sweatsuits, you'll be finding it everywhere this season.

My favorite tie dye piece that I own is this midi skirt from Forever 21 - it's perfect for spring, Easter, and church events! Flowy skirts are usually a huge trend during spring and summer because of how airy they are but I predict that flowy skirts are going to be an even bigger trend this season. So far, I've seen them being styled with blazers for business chic looks and with sweaters for ultimate comfort and warmth on chilly spring nights.

Tie Dye

2. Lace-Up Sandals

As for sandals, the lace-up style has been spotted absolutely everywhere. Gladiators, espadrilles, you name it!

Personally, I haven't always been into lace-up sandals because they didn't flatter my legs. But, they've recently grown on me since they've been all over the blogs I read! I think lace-up sandals are great for the spring because they give off such a fun, "picnic in the park" vibe.

Lace-Up Sandals

3. Square Toed Heels & Mules

Square toed heels are so flattering on the foot - I personally love them because they look better on me than other shaped heels.

These days, you can find square toed heels in every catalog and every blogger's pages. Along with square toed heels, mules have have been at the top of the charts when it comes to shoe trends! They're super easy to slip on and match almost any outfit - they're also comfy and currently on sale at a bunch of stores (don't walk, run!).

Square Toed Heels, Mules

4. Shorts Suits

Pant suits are one thing, but shorts suits are a whole other ball park! They're perfect for spring and fall because you can mix&match them and they won't make you too hot!

Two pieces in general are a hot trend right now, along with casual-business chic. Shorts suits combine those trends into one stunning look. These shorts are actually from H&M and my blazer was thrifted about a year ago. I paired this set with a white cropped tank top from Forever 21 to brighten up my outfit; then, I added these yellow square toed heels to add more color to my outfit. For spring, mixing bright colors together is always a great idea!

Shorts Two Pieces

5. Over Sized Blazers

As I mentioned before, causal-business chic is a super hot trend right now. Over sized blazers can be dressed up and worn into the office or dressed down and paired with a flowy skirt for spring activities.

For your over sized blazer needs, I recommend stopping by your local thrift store and visiting the men's section. I thrifted this blazer, which was actually a part of a women's suit, from my local Goodwill and haven't been able to take it off since! Many stores are hopping on the over sized blazer trend right now so you better get them while they last!


6. Bermuda Shorts

Like many of us, I was forced into wearing bermuda shorts as a young kid - and of course, I hated them! But, ever since a couple years ago, bermuda shorts have been extremely popular amongst the fashion community.

My biggest style inspirations for bermuda shorts are off-duty model looks. I love pairing them with a cropped tank top and my freshest pair of sneakers. These shorts are from H&M and in a size 4 - be careful when buying bottoms from H&M, you'll most likely need to size up a few. However, I'm absolutely in love with these shorts. Before I found them, I had been searching every thrift store far and wide to find a pair of black jeans that fit perfectly so that I could cut them into shorts. Luckily, I stumbled upon these beauties and couldn't resist!

Bermuda Shorts


Spring just might be my favorite season of the year (I'm torn between spring and summer!) - it's filled with picnics, perfect weather, and lots of pastel colors.

What are you wardrobe essentials for this spring?

Until next time,


"Know ye that the Lord is God: it is he who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture"

Psalms 100:3


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