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The Best Valentine's Day Looks and Where to Get Them

Valentine's Day is around the corner and while some of us will be too wrapped up in our own heads to even remember what day it is, others will be experiencing special moments with loved ones. If you're among the latter individuals, I've got the perfect list of outfits for you and where to shop them!

Staying In

The Tie-Dye Lounge Set

Retailer: Ardene

Most of us will probably be staying in for Valentine's Day regardless of whether or not we have a significant other to celebrate with.

Cozy sweat sets are always a great option because they're perfect for lounging in if you still crave to deliver a cute look!

P.S. You can use my code 'FAITHWITHLOVE20' for 20% off your purchase!

The Sweetheart

The Camilla Dress

Retailer: Gaala Paris

The Camilla Dress pairs exceptionally well with Valentine's Day because of its folded sweetheart neckline and beautiful shade of red.

Personally, I would choose to wear this dress on Valentine's Day and every other day of the year!

Use code 'FAITH' to get a free hair accessory with your purchase!

The Elegant

Ms. Pleat Dress - Available in 9 colors

Retailer: Onarin

For those of us who wish to be extra, especially when a holiday gives us an excuse to, Ms. Pleat Dress is definitely a must!

This dress brings elegance to your look while still adding a touch of sexiness to the ensemble.

For Dinner

Low Back Bodycon Dress

Retailer: SHEIN

For your last-minute and budget friendly outfit planning needs, Shein always has your back.

This midi dress features a low cut back to spice up your look while still remaining elegant.

P.S. Use my code 'USA277' for money off your present and future purchases!


"Let your moderation be known by all men. The Lord is at hand"

Philippians 4:5

-- Faith Blackshear


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