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My current skincare routine - officially outdated!

Now, not all of us can have skin on Zendaya’s level of perfection, but we sure can try! Taking care of your skin doesn’t just include washing it daily and face mask-ing until you run out of face masks; you have to watch what you put into your body as well. This means drinking plenty of water (which is also an essential part of life), not eating those three pieces of pizza even though you know it will cause a break-out, and being consistent with your routine.

Step 1:Facial Cleanser

The first step in my skincare routine is to wash my face with my Garnier Skin Active facial cleanser. This one contains aloe juice to help keep my acne scars under control and repairs any damages. This cleanser is great because it doesn’t leave my skin super dry after I’ve cleaned it. Drying out my oily skin is very dangerous because it will just make it more oily.

Step 2: Double Cleanse

The next step in my routine is to cleanse my skin a second time with my Garnier Micellar Water with an exfoliating cotton round. I find that doing this after I’ve washed my face makes sure that my skin is fully clean and smooth. This product is also great for taking off makeup because it gets deep in your pores to fully remove your makeup.

Step 3: Moisturizer

The third step in my routine is making sure my skin gets the hydration it needs with my Garnier Skin Active Moisturizer that contains aloe juice. This product is a cream moisturizer and it’s thicker than I’m used to but I have come to love it! It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and sinks into my skin with ease.

Step 4: SPF!

Don’t forget your sunscreen! I never leave the house without applying sunscreen so my skin isn’t harmed by harsh UV rays, even if it’s the winter. Sunscreen not only helps fight wrinkles, but it also helps diminish your acne scars. My personal favorite is the Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen. It’s SPF 55, oil free, and ultra lightweight!

Step 5: Eye Cream & Spot Treatment

Next, I apply my Neutrogena eye cream and Burt’s Bees spot treatment. For a working college student who’s always up late and never gets a day off, I need something that can knock-out those eye bags! And when I get those occasional pimples, I need a product that will get them cleared up in a hurry and won’t create scars on my face.

Feel free to go to your local drug store to try out all of these products and send me your progress of your new glowing skin! Now, I can’t guarantee that they’ll work out perfectly for you, but there’s no harm in going on a new skincare journey!

Until next time,


"I have learned in whatever state I am in, to be content"

Philppians 4:11


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