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Shein is taking the fast-fashion industry by storm - so here are some of my thoughts on their clothing.

Disclaimer: this post was made before I knew about the effects of fast-fashion on the environment. However, I still really liked their clothes so I thought that I would still share my thoughts on them!

Outfit 1

Grid Crop Top and Skirt Set (Top)

Size: XS

Elastic Waist Slant Pocket Grid Pants

Size: Small

Paired with:

Jones New York Royal Blue Blazer (Goodwill)

Custom: gold chains

Forever 21 Blue/Black Tweed Boots

For the first outfit, I wore the top to the "Grid Crop Top & Skirt Set" and paired it with my royal blue blazer from Goodwill which I personalized with gold chains on the pockets. For my bottoms, I wore the "Elastic Waist Slant Pocket Grid Pants" in size Small. As for the set (top), I got it in size XS and the top fit very well. However, the pants were not high-waisted, so when I paired them with the grid crop-top, the outfit didn't look how I would have preferred. 

Fit Rating: 9.5

Overall Rating: 9

Outfit 2

Grid Crop Top and Skirt Set

Size: XS

Paired with:

Daisy Fuentes Pink Cardigan (Goodwill)

White Puma Sneakers

For the second outfit, I wore the "Grid Crop Top & Skirt" full set. I paired this set with my white Pumas and my Daisy Fuentes pink cardigan from Goodwill which I cropped myself. The set's skirt is very tight so I do not recommend getting an extra small unless you're around my measurements - but even if you are, you might want a size small for comfort. When walking around in this particular skirt, I noticed it riding up on my thighs which was quite annoying. However, it's still a very cute set and if you can deal with the hassle, I recommend this set!

Fit Rating: 8.5; (Top: 10, Skirt: 7)

Overall Rating: 9.5

Outfit 3

Mock-neck Houndstooth Print Top & Skirt Set

Size: XS

Paired with:

True Meaning Red/White Blazer (Goodwill)

Forever 21 Red Socks

Forever 21 Houndstooth Heels 

For the third outfit, I wore the "Mock-neck Houndstooth Print Top & Skirt Set" in size XS and paired it with my red/white True Meaning blazer from Goodwill, my Forever 21 houndstooth heels, and red socks. This set fits very well but I probably won't be wearing it as the full set very often because it's a lot for the eye! However, I love two piece sets because you can mix and match them with other outfits and possibly other sets. I like the pattern on the set, but the only negative thing I would say is that I didn't like the shape of the skirt as much as I thought I would. 

Fit Rating: 9.5 (Top: 10, Skirt: 9.5)

Overall Rating: 9

Outfit 4

Zip Front Faux Fur Plaid Coat & Skirt Set

Size: XS

Paired with:

Forever 21 White Ribbed "her" Top

Forever 21 Red Heels

Black semi-sheer Tights

For the fourth outfit, I wore the "Zip Front Faux Fur Plaid Coat & Skirt Set" in size XS. Obviously you can tell that I was 100% inspired by Clueless for this outfit. When I received this outfit in the mail, I was very pleasantly surprised by how soft the faux fur was on the trim. I also really appreciated that it had a zipper on the front which would make it easier to close during the colder months and you could even wear it without a top underneath! This set could even be used for a Clueless themed Halloween costume if seen fit. Since I got this set in a size XS, I was a bit afraid that the sleeves wouldn't be long enough for my lengthy arms - and sadly, I was right. I also have to say that the skirt was not the best fit; I thought that it would be much smaller. Considering how tight the grid skirt was, I was very confused as to why this skirt was so much bigger. 

Fit Rating: 7.5 (Blazer: 8, Skirt: 7)

Overall Rating: 8.5

For reference:


Height: 5'8"

Bust: 30"

Waist: 23"

Hips: 32"

Overall, I loved my outfits that I picked up from Shein, even though they didn't fit as expected - but that's just the nature of online shopping so I wasn't too surprised. They're definitely a go-to if you're ever in need of a two-piece set, just make sure your measurements sync up with their size chart!


Until next time,


"God, who made the world and everything in to all life: breath, and all things"

Acts 17:24-25


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