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Popular Designer Shoe Dupes - Fashion Guide

As well as insanely fashionable bags, shoes don't have to cost an arm and a leg either - there are tons of dupes in the shopping sea for you to fish out! Luckily for you, I have just the list you need to follow the latest shoe trends, for a fraction of the cost.

When shopping for shoes on a regular occasion, I tend to keep a budget on the lower end - I'll usually save my splurging for special events and when I'm travelling. I'd advise the same for other fashion lovers as well to help you cut costs as much as possible!

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Bottega Veneta Sandals Dupe

Bottega Veneta has produce the hottest shoes for this season - it seems that every shoe that has caught my eye has been from Bottega! This dupe from Romwe is the perfect dupe for the black strappy heel that has been dominating this season.

You better get your hands on them before the rest of the fashionistas discover them!

Bottega Veneta Mesh Heels Dupe

This mesh sandal is great for spring and summer; it gives your toes the breath of fresh air that they'll likely need during these warmer months. For those of you who don't like open toe sandals but still want an open-toe feel, this sandal is great.

Bottega Veneta Quilt Mules Dupe(1) or Dupe (2)

Once again, Bottega Veneta has produced another hot commodity shoe - this quilted beauty has been crushing it this spring. These are the perfect open toe mules for spring because they feature a comfortable heel and add just the right amount of "umph" to your outfit!

Ugg Fur Slides Dupe

During this time of social isolation, having an ultra-comfy shoe is a must! Although Uggs have had their ugly past, I've since forgiven them once these fluffy slippers entered the game.

Schutz Snakeskin Boots Dupe

Schutz boots all have a one-of-a-kind flare to them - which is why finding an affordable dupe for these snakeskin boots was nearly impossible. However, if you're just looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, then Vince Camuto has you covered!

Bottega Veneta Snakeskin Heels Dupe(1) or Dupe(2)

Bottega Veneta does it again! These spiraling snakeskin sandals are super cute for the spring and the structured ankle strap completely changed the game in terms of ankle straps. Considering this trend is relatively new to the fashion world, finding another similar shoe, for a cheaper price, was also nearly impossible.

Schutz Sandals Dupe

Simple mules have been the ultimate trend this season. They're perfect to slide on when you're in a rush but still want to be fashionable, or you just want a simple shoe to pair with your outfit for a day out on the town.

I highly recommend this pair from Boohoo - they're the closest dupe that I've found and are currently on sale for a whopping 20 bucks!

Manolo Blahnik Mules Dupe

Pointed toe mules are definitely making a comeback this season - they've been spotted everywhere from off-duty model looks to Parisian spring looks. Personally, I'm a huge fan of pointed toe mules and have already been stocking up on shoes! (while patiently waiting to be able to wear them outside and not just taking pictures of them for show)

Balenciaga Lime Green Heels Dupe

Of course this shoe doesn't have an exact dupe on the market because of the unique structure; but, it was still worth mentioning - I tried! Lime/Neon green was everywhere last season so it's no surprise that Balenciaga came out with this masterpiece of a shoe.

Jimmy Choo Mules Dupe

Jimmy Choo always comes out with shoes that are simple but elegant. I love the way that this shoe can be paired with a simple blazer and elevate it or it can be paired with a ballgown - it's very versatile.

Although this dupe from Shein is no match for the Jimmy Choo heel, it's still a great similar shoe for the price.


Sadly, some of the hottest shoes from this season don't have dupes on the market yet - but, once they do, watch out for a part 2!

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