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The run-down on what I wore, where I went, and what I did during New York Fashion Week.

My first experience at New York Fashion Week was anything but boring! I got a taste of NYC traffic, the beautiful weather, and I saw a lot of other bloggers doing what we do best - walking too slowly through cross walks to get the perfect picture!

What I Wore

Day 1

This dress was perfect for fashion week - it was flowy, comfortable, and stood out at the show I attended (Caterine Sanchez). Like many other gals, I love to rock an off-the-shoulder outfit every once in a while. This black dress from NV My Swag Boutique surprisingly kept me warm and allowed me to feel free all throughout the night!

Since I was rocking the all-black outfit this night, I decided to pair it with a cream mini purse that screamed: "I'm a princess!"

I brought a red trench coat along with this outfit since I knew the city would get colder at night; but luckily, I didn't even need it!


Outfit Details

Dress: NV My Swag Boutique

Heels: Forever 21

Purse: Forever 21

Day 2

Outfit #1:

The second day of my fashion week trip was the busiest by far - hence the need for three outfit changes!

To begin the day, we went shopping in Manhattan, so naturally, I had to rock some street style.

I paired this black and white two piece set by Shein with a royal blue blazer from Goodwill that I customized with chains on the front pockets. I love adding a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit; it always makes both parts of the outfit stand out!

Since this outfit was specifically for shopping and strutting around Manhattan, I decided to pair it with my white sneakers from Puma that have memory foam soles for maximum comfort! Overall, this outfit certainly did its job - it got me plenty of compliments and provided the comfort I needed!


Outfit Details

Two Piece: Shein

Blazer: Thrifted (customized)

Sneakers: Puma

Bag (unseen): Coach

Day 2

Outfit #2:

For my second outfit of the day, I paired together two bright colors. This look revolved around this embellished, blue skirt that I made myself.

When figuring out how to style this skirt, I had a lot of difficulties - I needed a top that would be simple enough so it wouldn't take attention away from the skirt, but also wasn't boring.

I paired this outfit with my yellow heels (which are actually one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I own) and my yellow wristlet from Coach. Only pairing two colors together for the whole outfit definitely helped keep the attention on the skirt and the colors accented each other as well!


Outfit Details

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: #yourstruly

Heels: Forever 21

Wristlet: Coach

Earrings: Amazon

Day 2

Outfit #3:

For the third, and final, outfit of my second day of fashion week, I wore another dress from NV My Swag Boutique.

I really enjoyed wearing this dress because it was flowy, comfortable, and a bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to dresses. I would usually never wear floral or flowy dresses in general, but for this dress I had to make an exception!

I paired the dress with my blue, tweed boots from Forever 21 and my yellow Coach wristlet. I liked the fact that this dress could be worn at all times of the year - it's light enough for the warmer months and long enough to keep you warm during the colder months.


Outfit Details

Dress: NV My Swag Boutique

Boots: Forever 21

Wristlet: Coach

Day 3

Our last full day in New York was spent walking around Manhattan and just simply exploring the city. Of course, we did a little shopping, a little eating, and a lot of trying to find parking!

My outfit consisted of a very comfortable pair of Aldo boots, a cropped blazer, Zara pleather pants, and a sheer long sleeve from Shein. I paired this monochromatic outfit with my white Coach bag (which can literally only hold my phone and barely my chapstick!).

This outfit kept me comfortable while still helping me bring my A-game to the streets of New York City!

#thebigapple #takeabite

Outfit Details

Sheer Top: Shein

Blazer: Forever 21

Pants: Zara

Boots: Aldo

Purse: Coach

Sunglasses: Target

Who I Saw

Overall, my trip to New York was a raging success. My first fashion week will certainly not be my last and I'm so ready to go back in February. Although the traffic in NYC is the worst I've ever been in and it took an hour to go 9 miles during rush hour, I won't let that stop me from chasing the fashion world! This fashion week was a dream come true for me and it's only the beginning.

Until next time,


"My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever"

Psalm 73:26


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