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New York Fashion Week FW 2020

Everything I wore and saw at #NYFW from February 7-10th, 2020

As I'm sure you're all aware, fashion week is the biggest event in the fashion world and comes around twice every year. Lasting for a whole month in February and September, and going from New York to Paris - it's a very busy season!

So, here's a sneak peak into my experience at New York Fashion Week SS 2020.



DAY 1:


Outfit #1

The first show that I attended was Sustainable Fashion Week by Planet Fashion TV. The two featured designers that I had the pleasure of witnessing were Angela Clark, of Angela Clark Boutique, and Debra Lee Cheyne of Butterscotch Castle.

Since the show was entirely focused around sustainability in the fashion world, I decided to take that opportunity to wear a thrifted outfit. Believe it or not, this pant-suit is from Goodwill, as well as the pink cardigan I wore underneath.

Outfit #2


My second and final show was Art Hearts Fashion where I had the pleasure of viewing Pin2Gether by the 11 year old designer, Ashlyn So. Along with being an exceptional young creative, Ashlyn So is also an advocate for change and has been doing charity shows in New York City for years.

In 2018, So stated that "the message is clear: We must #wakeup to our changing times and #dosomething about it. We are here to raise strong girls who will be the future." So goes on to say that "Society's expectations of how men and women should behave saddens me", from her post in 2018 at her fashion show with Alexandria Vonbromsen.

At Art Hearts Fashion, I wore an entirely leopard print outfit (shoes not pictured). While planning my outfits for fashion week, I knew that I wanted to wear one that would be monochromatic or all animal print - to my luck, I own a lot of leopard print!

DAY 2:


The second day was filled with shopping and eating - what more could I ask for?

For my NYFW #streetstyle, I wore this super colorful jacket and paired the outfit with my colorblock Jordans. This jacket was gifted to me by my wonderful stylist, Colleen Quinn, founder of CQ Petites, which specializes in thrifted styling (specifically for petite people). I loved this jacket because I knew that there was no way that anyone would have it in NYC, and it kept me warm in the 40 degree weather.

This outfit was absolutely perfect for roaming Manhattan because it was comfortable and had no trouble standing out in the crowd.

DAY 3:


The third and final day of my New York trip was also spent walking around the city - shopping, eating, sight-seeing, and more!

Initially, this outfit was meant to be worn to the Walk Fashion Show but unfortunately, my previous show ran late so I was unable to attend. So instead, I wore this almost monochromatic look around town exploring and switched out my heeled booties for Converse! I paired this look with my mini white purse from Coach - it was great to carry around because it's light and I have easy access to my credit cards for shopping!



Check out my New York Fashion Week FW 2020 vlog on my YouTube channel!


Special thanks to Art Hearts Fashion, Sustainable Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion Week, Blancore, MFA by FIT, The Society Fashion Week, Amazonas by Rossi Walk Fashion Show and Swank Deco for inviting me to your shows this season!

Pictured from left to right:

Debra Lee Cheyne

Faith Blackshear

Angela Clark

This season's fashion week was a huge success because I got invited to shows that I didn't even ask for! This was a big deal for me because last season (my first go-around), I was truly struggling to get invited to any shows and was a nervous wreck! If you all want me to write a post on tips for getting invited to shows, let me know!

**A huge thank you to everyone who helped me get through fashion week and I'm so ready for next season!

Until next time,


"Riches profit not in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers us from death"

Proverbs 11:4


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