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My Top 5 Favorite Affordable Brands

For addicted shoppers like myself, it's almost easier to gravitate towards the to most expensive items that peak your interest, instead of choosing the ones where you'll get the most bang for your buck. Today, I've curated a list of the top 5 affordable brands that I think you should check out for yourself if you haven't already!

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1. Mango

pictured: leopard faux fur coat - sold out

Mango is a brand that I discovered while in New York City and was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the price tags while browsing the store for the first time. I instantly became obsessed because of the quality of clothing offered for the price.

This leopard faux fur coat from Mango immediately caught my eye, like most leopard print items, and will definitely remain in my heavy rotation during the cooler months!

2. Zara

pictured: tweed shorts - sold out

Zara is in my top 3 or 5 favorite stores of all time - the brand features items with great quality and has plenty of "fashion week worthy" pieces.

I love shopping at Zara whenever I want to pick up trendy pieces or something with a bit more flare than a casual everyday look. When it comes to basics, no one is better at delivering pieces that that have a unique touch and will last, for an affordable price.

3. Bershka

pictured: camouflage cargo pants

Bershka is my newfound obsession! Currently, they're having a sale that you will not want to miss out on. Bershka features all of the utility items that I could dream of and for an insanely affordable price.

As I'm sure you've noticed, it's very difficult to find a brand with truly unique pieces for an affordable price - usually, you'll find something you love online and it turns out to be 900 dollars. Luckily, Bershka provides a unique look for a fraction of the cost. (especially when you include their sales!)

4. H&M

pictured: snakeskin top - sold out (similar), bermuda shorts

H&M has more than just your classic basics, they also have an incredible selection of work attire and party outfits that are to die for. When shopping for everyday wear, I love heading over to H&M because I know they'll have exactly what I'm looking for - especially their sweatpants.

I highly suggest taking a look at H&M's campaigns and collections because you'd be surprised about what you'll find!

5. Aldo

pictured: snakeskin boots

I think it's safe to say that I have an addiction to shoes. However, I try to keep my shoe purchases at bay on a regular basis, or else I would have entirely too many shoes and not enough money left for living!

One of my favorite shoe brands is Aldo - I recently became obsessed with them about a year ago while I was in New York, which was when I bought my first pair! Aldo offers a lot of great shoes for prices you'll love!


What are some of your favorite affordable brands at the moment?

Until next time,


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