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My Take on the Latest Style Trends

These days, style trends come and go at an exponential rate and only some of them make it through multiple rotations.

Today, I'm giving you all my honest opinions on a few of the latest style trends - let's see what's hot and what's not.

cutout dresses

As you can see pictured above, I am definitely a fan of these newly styled cut-out dresses. They accentuate the natural curves of your body, while still covering up quite a bit of your body. I love that they are the perfect mix of vacation and casual wear - they're super easy to dress up or dress down with the right accessories.

Pictured above, I tried to dress my look up a bit by adding white strappy sandals, a gold coin necklace, and sparkly earrings. However, you could easily dress this look down by adding white sneakers, simpler gold chains, a baguette bag, and dainty hoops.

The only negative opinion I have about these dresses, is that they aren't very versatile. As I mentioned before, they can definitely be dressed up or down with the right accessories, but they can't be easily styled with different aesthetics. My favorite articles of clothing are pieces that I can wear a vast number of ways with them still looking authentic to the aesthetic that I am styling.


I cannot stress enough how much I am IN LOVE with the mullet trend - it is truly the biggest blessing to my eyes!

Personally, I usually have my hair in braids so I'm not really able to participate in the mullet trend, but I really wish I could. They are the perfect addition to a few of the other trends that we are seeing pop up in fashion these days, such as 70's prints and the explosion of edgy/punk fashion.

Mullets are especially unique because they aren't just popular for men or just for women, everyone is rocking a mullet. They add the perfect amount of spice to your look, especially when dyed different colors. You can even make your look a juxtaposition by wearing chic clothing/accessories! Once again, I am the biggest fan of the mullet trend but I'm just not sure how long they'll be able to survive...

70's prints

It seems as though 70's prints have almost become the new black. This season, I feel like I've seen more bright and colorful patterns than any other season, especially when it comes to prints that resemble patterns popular from the 70's.

Personally, I've been loving all of the bright colored 70's prints that I've been seeing all over the fashion industry. It's such a fun way to brighten up your outfit and with the right statement piece, it takes any outfit to the next level. If you haven't gotten your hands on some fun patterned styling pieces, I suggest you get 'em while they're still around!

Sadly, this is another trend that I don't see lasting for too much longer, especially once we get to the cooler months. But, it is definitely a fun time while it's lasting!

beaded necklaces

Beaded necklaces are back to haunt us. They were super trendy when us "twenty-something year olds" were young, but now they just look like everyone is wearing a necklace that can't possibly match anything.

As you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of the beaded necklace trend - I think it is rare that they actually look good when styled. In the picture above, this is an example of where I thought the beaded necklace was styled really well. This necklace is only made up of pearls and little flower beads. The reason I think this one works is because it doesn't look as randomly concocted as others do - there are only two types of beads and they match perfectly together.

The person styling this beaded necklace also made it a point to layer it with more pearls and a simple gold chain, which were nice accents. Along with this, the top is a ribbed tank top, which makes the look more casual chic, while still looking clean.

Now, don't get me wrong, some of them are super cute and are pulled off really well when they're styled a certain way. But, the majority of the time, it's simply a "no" from me.

phone charms

Phone charms are the bane of fashion accessories' existence. Once again, this is a trend that was popular back in the early 2000's but didn't stay around long simply because they don't make sense.

Phone charms can become annoying very quickly as they can get in the way of your phone case's utility features and they're always dangling every which way. This trend hasn't become extremely popular this season because I think that people understand that they don't make much sense - but, I definitely saw a boom of phone charms for a couple months this year.

Phone charms are obviously a super cute accessory to add to your phone if you want a little extra something for your case, but they just don't serve enough purpose to last in the fashion world.

halter tops

Talk about saving the best for last...

I am so glad that halter tops made a resurgence this season - they are my newfound loves in my wardrobe and I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon. Halter tops are such a staple piece for your wardrobe, during summer, winter, and every other season!

Halter tops make a great addition to your outfit because they hug your body in all the right places. I personally enjoy halter tops because they give the illusion that I actually have some curves! They accentuate your waist by being tight at the bottom, and the necklines usually give the illusion of having a fuller chest.

Since my rediscovery of halter tops, I have added quite a few more to my closet - I highly recommend snagging some halter tops for the rest of summer.

. . .

Check out my Instagram here for more unique looks and other pieces that I've been styling this season!

****Disclaimer: I do not own most of these images - they were found via Pinterest, unless I am pictured in them


"Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed"

1 Samuel 2:3

-- Faith Blackshear


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