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Mother's Day Gift Guide - 10 Perfect Gifts for Mom

This year, prepare for Mother's Day early - to help you out with that, I've created a list of the perfect gifts to get for your mom this Mother's Day to relieve some of your stress!

1 - Necessaire's The Body Ritual Set

The Body Ritual Set from Necessaire is definitely my top recommendation in terms of Mother's Day gifts this year - what's better than adding extra nourishment and pampering to your daily routine?

Necessaire is famous for including vitamins and nutrients that work exceptionally for the skin to make is softer, balanced, and renewed. The Body Ritual Set even comes in three different fragrances including Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Sandalwood, as well as fragrance free if you are particularly sensitive to fragrance.

If you're feeling frisky, you may as well pick up a set for yourself along with hers so that you can experience more body nourishment as well - it will give you and your mother something to bond over!

2 - Dossier Perfume

A new fragrance is always a good choice, especially if you know what type of scents your mom enjoys. If you're unsure of what scents your mom likes but you'd like to get her a new perfume, Dossier is the perfect place for you. Each perfume purchase comes with a free sample alongside so that you can test out your scent before committing to the full size.

Dossier creates scents based off of your favorite designer perfumes/colognes but you can get it for a fraction of the cost; a win-win scenario!

With that said, don't walk, run!

3 - New Book

For those with mom's who enjoy a good book on a hot summer's day, maybe it's time to invest in a few new reads for her this Mother's Day. Maybe you could pick up two copies of the same book and read it together for extra bonding time.

To help with your book search, I recommend subtly asking your mom what types of books she likes to read, or sneaking a peek at the books she already owns to get a sense of what she'll enjoy reading next!

4 - Slippers

Slippers are always one of the safest bets in terms of gift giving for anyone - who doesn't need a new pair of slippers? You can never have too many.

Personally, my favorite pair of slippers are pictured below; they are the Paloma Slippers from Zodiac Shoes and they are the comfiest slippers I have ever worn!

5 - Robe

Once again, you can't go wrong with adding to your mom's "comfy" section of her wardrobe. Robes, nightwear, and loungewear are all particularly fulfilling in terms of gift giving because she'll be so grateful every time she puts on her new ultra comfy loungewear.

Especially for the mom's who have strenuous or stressful work days, it's great to help her out in providing something that can help her relax once she's done working for the day. Below are a few robes that I highly recommend, including the one pictured above!



Classic Robe w/ Satin Trim

Use code: 'FAITHALLFOR20' for 20% off

6 - Back Massager

With all of the "'work from home" that we've been subjected to this past year, I think we could all use a good back massage or two.

To help out with that, you can get your mom an at-home back massager so that she can relieve any built-up stress that may be lingering in her back muscles, or to just give her a chance to relax at home.

7 - Shopping Date

If you're completely unsure of what your mom is in need of or searching for, shopping dates are usually a great 2-in-1. You get a chance to get her a gift that she's been wanting for a while and you'll get to spend time together. Even if your shopping date is confined to an online experience, it's always a fun time online shopping with someone you love!

8 - Spa Date

Much like a shopping date, spa dates are also a great 2-in-1, better yet, they're a great 3-in-1. You'll both have a chance to spend time together to bond, you can never go wrong with a spa treatment, and she'll have a relaxing time!

If you're not sure of which spas to go to or whether or not you'd like to just treat her to a mani-pedi, you could always ask her where she goes for her personal spa days/nail appointments when she gets the chance to do those things. If you're wanting it to be a complete surprise, there are plenty of great spas with reviews on Google that you can look into before setting up your appointment.

9 - Jewelry from the Heart

If your mom is a big fan of jewelry, or would simply like a few pieces of jewelry that won't tarnish, I highly recommend getting her a few new pieces of jewelry this Mother's Day. My personal favorite places to shop for new jewelry are Argento Vivo and pawn shops near me.


Argento Vivo

Hya Open Hoop

Bari Ring

Flat Chain Necklace

10 - Quality Time

As usual, my biggest recommendation for what to get your mom for Mother's Day this year, is simply spending quality time with her - that is usually your best bet and it's the most valuable thing you could do for her.

And don't forget, tell her you love her!


"For you shall worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God"

Exodus 34:14

-- Faith Blackshear


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