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Decorating your dorm is often one of the things that incoming freshman stress about the most - so I'm here to help!

Now we all know that college isn't all about aesthetics and having the best dorm room in your hall... but it certainly helps your college experience! Considering your dorm is where you'll be spending a great deal of your time, it definitely helps to have pleasing surroundings where you'll be living for the next year, especially if you're prone to homesickness. 

So, if you've been struggling to figure out how you're going to decorate and situate your dorm this fall, I've got you covered!

Tip #1:

The first, and probably most important tip, is to figure out your color scheme with your roomie ahead of time. This makes it so much easier to shop for your décor and bedding. Nothing is worse than having two different color schemes in the same room and having to basically ignore the other side of the dorm because you and your roomie didn't collaborate before-hand. This could also be a great bonding experience for you both since you'll be spending the next year together in the same room. 

Tip #2:

Bedding is everything! College dorms can really only fit your beds, your mandatory desks, and your closets so you should try your best to spruce up those as much as possible. Your beds are the biggest things in your room and can make or break your dorm. Plus, it's always a great idea to have a super comfy bed, especially when you add a mattress topper (essential)! TJ Maxx, Ross, and Amazon are my go-to places for bedding; they're affordable and have plenty of options. 

Tip #3:

Shopping for décor can be expensive if you're not going to the right stores. Although we'd all love to shop at Anthropologie for our décor, sometimes you just simply can't afford it, especially when you're officially a broke college student now! Shopping at goodwill for paintings and other small décor is definitely going to be your best bet. You should also check out Home Goods and IKEA for any décor you might want. 

Tip #4:

The dollar store is now your best friend. Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Store have basically all of your dorm room necessities; they have shoe storage, tupperware, pots/pans, hangers, and anything else you might need that you don't want to spend a fortune on! Although they may not all be a dollar, they'll certainly be close at $3 or $4. 


Adding a rug to your dorm is a great way to add extra personality and completely changes the vibe of the room. Rugs can get pretty expensive so I recommend checking out Home Goods and IKEA for a smaller one that takes up just enough room in your dorm. Rugs also help cover up the hard, unflattering carpet placed in your dorm... And along with that, they also help make your dorm cozy and comfortable!

Let me know if you all want more room décor ideas or any more college tips!

Until next time,


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Psalm 139:2-3


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