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How to Redecorate Your Room on a Budget - 8 Step Guide

It's no secret that decorating your space usually comes at a pretty steep price - but, there's plenty of ways that you can amp up your room decor without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg! Today, I'm giving you all some tips on how to redecorate your room on a budget.

1. Artwork

Personally, I wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on artwork for my room and I usually can't find any art that I like enough anyways - so, I decided to create my own art for my room! If you're like me, and you don't like spending tons of money on artwork, I recommend creating your own for your room so that it's exactly what you want and no one else will have the exact piece in their home. However, if you're someone who's willing to invest a little in art for your room, then having vibrant artwork is always a great idea to liven up any room.

2. Accent chairs

If your room has the extra space, I highly recommend adding accent chairs - they're super useful for when you have guests over and for when you just want to lounge in different areas of your room. On websites like Wayfair and Walmart, you can find pretty decently priced chairs for your room that will liven up your space. However, if you still can't find chairs within your budget on cheaper furniture websites, I would suggest stopping by your local garage sales and checking out apps like Offer Up.

3. Small Rug

Layering rugs in your room will make your room feel cozier and add the extra pizzazz you may need! When layering rugs in your space, always make sure that your colors don't clash so that you don't end up having to return your brand new rug. For my room, I layered two white rugs so that I wouldn't have to worry about color clashing - and I also just really like white rugs. Places like Ikea, Wayfair, and HomeGoods offer smaller rugs at reasonable prices so that you're able to layer them in your space.

4. Bookshelf

Bookshelves add a lot of practical value to your space but they can also be solely used as decor if you so please. Personally, I chose to turn my bookshelf into a shoe rack consisting of a few of my favorite pairs of shoes. When looking for bookshelves, I recommend stopping by Ikea because they offer many simple, but aesthetically pleasing, bookshelves for the right price! You can also browse Offer Up for great bookshelves for much cheaper prices.

5. Bags/Boxes as Decor

After shopping and looking at the remains of all of your bags and boxes, our first instinct is usually to get rid of everything as soon as possible - however, I urge you to keep a few of your favorite bags/boxes because they make for great room decor! Usually, when you're shopping at a store that's on the pricier side, they have exceptional bags/boxes, so there's no use in letting them go to waste.

6. Desk

If your room has enough space, adding a small or medium sized desk could be the perfect way to add functionality to your room. There are plenty of stores that offer cheap desks that are still aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You could also check out places like TJMaxx and Ross for rolling chairs that won't break the bank.

7. Trinkets

Trinkets and small decor add a lot more to your space than you'd think. Although it usually takes quite a bit for people to notice, trinkets are what amp up your space in the most meaningful way. When searching for small decor, I recommend going to thrift stores and yard sales because normal stores usually charge entirely too much for them.

8. New Bedding

New bedding is probably the most underrated room decor in existence. Although your bed is literally the focal point of your room, we often overlook getting new bedding when redecorating because we're looking for the big stuff. However, this time around, I suggest investing in new bedding that will change the entire feel of your room - you can thank me later!


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