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How to Recreate Devon lee Carlson's Looks - Fashion Guide

For today's blog post, I'm back with another "how-to" on recreating a few of Devon lee Carlson's looks - inspo courtesy of her Instagram page.

Workout with Pup

For the first look, my statement piece was, without a doubt, my puppy Storm - I loved having my pup make a cameo for this photo!

I paired my white Nike sports bra with a white cardigan from Shein and my black biker shorts from Forever 21.

This look is definitely one that I will be wearing out and about this summer!

The Black Catsuit

For this look, I did not own a unitard like the one pictured, so I paired my black leotard from Forever 21 with my black biker shorts.

Personally, I am in love with unitards and would wear one obsessively if I could find one that fits!

Sadly, my closet is lacking in the cowboy boot department, so I paired my look with my black booties from Aldo.

Summer in the Hamptons

This is the outfit that I'd see myself wearing on a chilly summer night vacationing in the Hamptons.

For this look, I wore my Mayfair Athletics white tennis skirt and paired it with a thrifted light blue sweater and my kitten heels from Shein.

I am absolutely in love with this look and am dying to wear it literally anywhere!

Modern Prairie Girl

This look gave me major prairie girl vibes. To recreate this look, I wore a thrifted pink cropped cardigan with my tie dyed skirt from Shein and paired them with my white slip-on's and my satin scarf from Shein.

I thought I did a pretty good job recreating the vibe of this look because I paired pinks together just like Devon paired blacks together in her look.

However, I'm not too sure if I would ever wear this look out - maybe without the scarf or different shoes.

Edgy Rockstar's Girlfriend

This was definitely one of my favorite looks out of all of them.

For this look, I wore a thrifted red polo that I cropped myself with a red skater skirt from Forever 21 and paired them with a thrifted cropped leather jacket and my black platform heels from Aldo.

As for this look, I can't say that I would actually wear this one out just because the skirt I was wearing was uncomfortably tiny! However, I would definitely consider wearing this look with different shoes or maybe shorts!

Baggy Tee with Longsleeve

Again, this look was one of my favorites out of all of them - and I've actually already worn it out!

I wore an oversized black tee with a striped longsleeve underneath, black jean shorts, and my platform Vans.

I decided not to pair this look with knee high boots because it didn't give off the same energy as Devon's look and it just didn't work well on me!

Mini Dress with Boots

For this look, I didn't have the colors to match so instead I went for pairing colors that I had the same way she did - I paired browns instead of yellows.

I wore my leopard print dress from Forever 21 with my snakeskin knee high boots from Aldo.

This look was definitely on the simpler side but I would wear this one out in a heartbeat!

Discount Codes:


Shein: "USA277"

Watch my new video: "Recreating Devon Lee Carlson Looks" on YouTube!


Until next time,


"The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment"

Luke 12:23


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