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How to Recreate Bella Hadid's Off-Duty Model Looks - Fashion Guide

Recreating looks is definitely my forte and Bella Hadid is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion in this particular realm. Today, I'm showing you all how I recreated a few off-duty model looks worn by Bella Hadid.

Sporty-Chic with a Tennis Skirt

For this look, I wore a classic white Nike sports bra, a tennis skirt from the new Mayfair Athletics collection, white Nike socks, and my white Puma sneakers.

I thought that this look was super cute and tennis skirts are all the rage these days it seems so I was super excited to hop on the bandwagon and wear them out and about town!

Bella Hadid paired her look with a long sleeve cut-off top - which I sadly did not have in my closet, or else I would be wearing that thing day and night; they're so cute and trendy!

Full Nike Workout Fit

For this look, I wore a black Nike sports bra, a black long sleeve from Shein, black leggings from Forever 21, and my black Nike trainers.

To recreate the cropped long sleeve, I actually just tucked the base of my shirt into itself so that the Nike Pro logos could be seen at the bottom.

Personally, I thought that I hit the nail on the head for this look and I would definitely wear this one during a winter workout session!

Mayfair Athletics Set

For this look, I paired a full Mayfair look with my white Puma sneakers. Sadly, I did not have a cropped (or un-cropped) white collared shirt, so I decided to just wear my white cropped tank from Mayfair.

As featured on Nylon Mag, the Mayfair Athletics set in green has become a staple this season. Sweat sets are all the rage these days because of our increased time at home and they're the comfiest sets out there!

Casual Off-Duty Look

For this look, I wore a laced cow print tank top, boyfriend jeans from Revice Denim, and my colorblock Jordan 1's.

I loved how casual this look was and how easy it was to recreate. This is one of the looks that you'd definitely find on an "Off-Duty Model Looks" Pinterest board because it's so simple but makes you look great.

Basically, if you pick up a cropped tank, some boyfriend jeans, and a nice pair of Jordan 1's (or any sneakers really), you've nailed the Bella Hadid off-duty model look to the T!

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Shein: "USA277"

Watch my YouTube video on recreating a few Bella Hadid Looks!


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