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How to Bring Your Winter Wardrobe to Life: Fashion Guide

Dressing for winter isn't always easy when you want to make a fashion statement - once it gets to a certain temperature, it's almost too cold to even care! However, if you pick staple pieces that are warm and fashionable beforehand, then you won't have to worry about it!

Here's a list of some items that I think are stylish and functional when it comes to dressing for cold weather.

Platform Boots

I've seen more platform boots in the past couple years than ever in my life, to be completely honest! And I, for one, and the biggest fan. Although I wish I had more platform boots, I am obsessed with the ones I have - pictured above.

Something about towering over people is just so endearing, especially when your boots are helping you keep your feet warm. When shopping for boots, it's important that you look at what the material is on the inside as well if you live in a very cold region.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are one of my absolute favorites in the coat world. There are so many varieties of trench coats and you can use them for so many aesthetics - which, I'm always a fan of a versatile piece!

If you're low on money at the moment, or just don't feel like splurging on a trench coat, I highly recommend thrifting one. From my experience, trench coats are probably one of the easiest coats to find at a thrift store and they're great for rainy weather as well.

Fun Tights

Tights are probably going to stand out the most in your winter outfit if you buy the fun ones! As I mentioned in a recent post, your best bet on finding unique tights is probably going to be online - I personally haven't had much luck finding tights in person at stores, other than the basic ones. However, if you can find great tights in-store, then buy them all!

Tights are particularly great for winter because they help keep your legs much warmer, even if you're just wearing them under your pants. I personally like to buy tights that are thick so that I can still wears skirts and dresses.


Leather is an obvious one, but I feel like it is still a bit underrated when it comes to how well you can dress leather up in your winter outfits.

I'm a big fan of outfits that look like you just stepped out of the Matrix, and black leather can usually help with that! Leather is also very warm so you usually won't have to layer too much under it, or you might start sweating.

There a just a few downsides when it comes to wearing leather though - a couple of them include how it isn't breathable or flexible. When I wear leather, I usually never layer under it because it will already be keeping you warm just by itself. Along with this, leather doesn't stretch so it's important that you can still move when you're wearing it!

Fur Accents/Pieces

Another obvious cold weather wardrobe essential is fur, faux and real fur. Fur accent pieces are definitely in my top 3 when it comes to favorite winter essentials - they double as being warm and extremely stylish (in my opinion).

Fur is another wardrobe piece that I would always suggest you buy from the thrift because it's usually real fur for an insanely better deal. Things like fur hats, gloves, coats, sweaters, or pieces that have fur accents on them are usually pretty easy to find and make for a great outfit!

Button Downs

I've said it once and I'll say it again, button downs are a staple in any wardrobe, for any season!

Button downs are essential for cold weather because they can be easily layered, they're always fashionable, and they also match most aesthetics that one would go for. Once again, I would recommend shopping for buttons downs at your local thrift because they're way cheaper, and you'll probably find much more variety than if you were to go to an individual store searching for one.

When it comes to button downs, I think that trying to find unique ones is always a good idea - of course, classic button downs are always great, but if you're looking to amp up your outfit, then you should go for the exciting pieces!


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"Behold, God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of years be searched out"

Job 36:26

-- Faith Blackshear


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