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How Curology Completely Changed My Skin - 5 Month Skincare Update

Finding the best skincare routine for you is one of the things that many of us struggle with - there's just so many products out there and it's hard to know who you can trust when it comes to your skin. One of my biggest obstacles when it came to skincare, was knowing which products were worth the financial investment, since a lot of products would inevitably lead my skin to have more break outs. Luckily, I decided to give Curology a chance and here's what happened....

* this is not a paid partnership post and all opinions are my own

Curology - My 2/3 Step Skincare Routine

About 5 months ago, I took a leap and decided to try out Curology because my previous skincare routine was just not working anymore and it never truly cleared up my skin. I had heard about Curology many times in the past but I never thought to actually try it out until then. So, I started off with their trial kit, which they offer for free excluding shipping costs, and I let Curology work its magic on my skin!

After about a month of doing Curology's suggest skincare routine, my skin was almost completely cleared up. Fair warning, you go through a purge period with Curology so it's good to give the treatment about a month or so to work things out with your skin.

Step 1

Morning Routine

After receiving my trial sample of the Curology set and getting towards the end of the month, I realized that I was quickly running out of my facial cleanser. However, on Curology's website, they have a blog post where they recommend cleansers for different skin types that should work well for your skin and with the formula they send in your subscription. They also offer other tools that can help you decide which cleansers could be potentially irritating for you skin or clogging your pores with their ingredients.

For me, I chose to try out the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for oily skin and it's been working amazingly! One thing that I find great about this cleanser is that it's lasted for months now which makes it beyond worth the price. It's also a fragrance-free, gentle cleanser so I can trust that it won't clog my pores or irritate my skin, leading it to break out.

Night Time Routine

For my night time routine, I use my Curology cleanser because I know that it will work the best with the rest of the kit to thoroughly clean my skin for the night. Since your skin does the majority of its healing overnight, I try to make sure that I'm cleaning my skin the best I can before it goes into repair mode! I love the Curology cleanser because it literally feels like a gentle cleanser. I never knew that my skin was sensitive until I started using Curology and realized that all of my other skincare routines were only irritating my skin and breaking me out even more.

Now, I understand that for my skin, less is definitely more!

Step 2

The second step after cleansing my skin, is moisturizing! Curology offers two different moisturizers to choose from for your subscription. They offer a lightweight gel moisturizer that's ideal for everyday use and it's super gentle on the skin - this is the moisturizer that I currently use. The other moisturizer is a creamy formula dedicated to dry or aging skin.

The lightweight formula is great for my skin because it was curated to work well for sensitive, acne prone skin. Through my skincare journey, I have always found that gel cleansers work the best for my oily skin and they don't leave my skin feeling over-moisturized, or like there's a topical film leftover. As described by Curology, "It’s great for acne-prone and sensitive skin, formulated to be non-comedogenic and free of parabens, common allergens, sulfates, fragrances, dyes, or any other common skin-irritating ingredients".

Step 3

Night Time Routine Only

As recommended by Curology, I started out by using my custom formula every other day, instead of daily. They recommend starting out this way because you don't want to bombard your skin with formula - your skin needs time to get used to it so it doesn't get unnecessarily irritated. After about a few weeks to a month of using my custom formula every other day, I switched over to daily use.

The Curology formula is the backbone of your subscription - this is what the dermatologists at Curology have made specifically for you so that your skin has the best ingredients for your personal skincare needs. To ensure that you get the best formula for your skin, you must send in recent photos of your skin and tell them the issues you're having - for example, my problem areas included: active breakouts, uneven skin tone, and texture in some areas.

Since starting my new skincare journey with Curology, my skin hasn't looked this good since I was probably 10 years old. I highly recommend giving Curology a try with their free trial - take a risk!


Until next time,


"There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man."

Mark 7:15


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