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A few tips to starting your thrift shopping adventures

Thrifting can seem intimidating to some people if you've never been before; but I'm here to help! Shopping is all fun and games, but thrift shopping is a totally different deal. However, with the right tips and tricks to getting the job done, you'll master the art of thrift shopping in no time!

Tip #1:

If you're new to thrifting, just start at your local Goodwill! Good will is a great place to start because they're usually the cheapest option in terms on thrifting and you could drop off some of your own old clothes while you're at it! Once you've fully searched through every rack and section in your local Goodwill, I recommend venturing out and finding more Goodwills near or far from you because you'll be able to greatly broaden your selection. 

Tip #2:

Once you've exhausted all of your local Goodwill's, you should check out some in a "higher-class" area (if you know what I mean). Your chances of finding higher quality goods will be much better in more expensive areas. However, be prepared to spend a few extra dollars to get better items! 

Tip #3:

Always ask the employees at the store if there's a sale day or if they're having any specials. Usually, there will be a sign posted if they are, but sometimes you just have to ask! This will allow you to get the absolute most for your money; even though it's already really cheap, there's no harm in asking. 

Tip #4:

Try to avoid buying hats, underwear, sleepwear, and real fur. You never know if the items were properly cleaned, which is the reason why you should always wash your goods before wearing them.

Tip #5:

You should always try on pants, skirts and shoes when thrifting. These items are difficult to find your perfect size in even in regular stores so it's no surprise that you would need to try on these items when thrifting. You won't want to go home and try on your new skirt just to find out that it's way too tight or too loose, even though it was marked as your size in store! 

Tip #6:

Look in every section for your size because things are often mixed in with other sizes and your perfect pair of jeans could be hiding in the wrong section! Even when you're not in the section for your size, if something catches your eye, you should pick it up to look at it anyway. Sometimes sizes are marked wrong, or the item has a different sense of what size "4" actually is... 

Tip #7:

If you're not looking for something specific, try not to go crazy in the thrift store! Even though everything is super cheap, you're not going to end up wearing all of those items that you just bought for no reason. It's like going to the grocery store hungry: you're going to end up buying everything! So when you go thrift shopping, try to have some specific items in mind.

Until next time,


"The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior!"

2 Samuel 22:47

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