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Flip Fit First Impressions & Review

For today's blog post, I'm giving you the run-down on my experience with Flip Fit - an app where your stylist chooses clothes that they think you'd like and you choose whether to keep or send back the items from the box.

The App - Process

As Flip Fit described themselves, they're "like Tinder but for clothes". When you open up the app, you are immediately shown others' trying on their clothes from their boxes so that you can vote whether or not they should keep that particular item. It's basically like you're trying on clothes in front of your friends but this time you have thousands of friends helping you out!

Before you can order your box, there are a few things you need to set up in order for your stylist to create a box suited to your liking. First, you need to input your body measurements and Instagram handle so that your stylist can get an idea of what your style is like. And after putting in your contact and payment details, you're ready to start shopping!

In the Flip Fit app, there's a page called "Discover" where you can browse what's trending, get outfit ideas, see other accounts, and view brand collections. This is the area that you'll probably interact with the most if you're looking for specific items instead of choosing clothing that you see on your feed. On your feed, you'll get the opportunity to view what other people have tried on and add it to your closet to be sent to you in your box.

Once you receive your box, you're able to take pictures in your clothes and post them to the feed for voting through the "Advice" tab.

The Outfits

In my Flip Fit box, I was sent 14 items to try out and have reviewed on the app. One thing that I was disappointed about was that quite a few of the items didn't fit but I just assumed it was because a lot of brands do S/M/L sizing instead of including bigger and smaller sizes.

I really enjoyed the idea of having a community help me decide which outfits looked the best on me and whether or not I should keep my items - it was such a fun idea!

My favorite items from the box included:

"Fitted Ruffled Straps Bodysuit" - Hem & Thread

"Smocked Animal Print Crop Cami" - Pistola Denim

"Smocked Ruffled Hem Crop Tank" - Hem & Thread

From my Flit Fit box, I only ended up keeping 4 of the 14 items sent to me - they fit the best and I will definitely end up wearing them a few times before summer's over!

Watch my "Flip Fit First Impressions & Try On Haul" on my YouTube channel!

Thank you to Flip Fit for making this blog post possible.


Until next time,


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