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Everything I've Been Wearing this Winter

Winter is in full effect - thus calls for a new winter lookbook!

This winter, I really stepped out with my fashion - I mixed comfort with style and added every pattern under the sun!

Business meetings call for a classic look that also screams "I have somewhere to be in 20 minutes" - and this winter, I definitely encompassed that look.

I kept this look simple by keeping it pretty monochromatic and adding a pop of color with my blazer.

Pops of color can add so much to a simple outfit, especially when you want to be a bit low-key but stay fashionable.

I threw on my Aldo booties with this look because I take them literally everywhere - they are the most comfortable boots to walk around in and you can never go wrong with black boots!

Along with black boots, black slacks/pants are an absolute necessity to any wardrobe! I love this pair because they're the perfect length to wear with heels or chunky sneakers.

The most important pieces in my wardrobe are my pants, PERIOD. If I could own slacks in every color, I would. (don't worry, I will soon) This particular pair is from Goodwill and it came in a set with a matching blazer (not shown in the photo).

I love mixing business formal attire with very casual pieces - such as my white ribbed tank top paired with the blazer and slacks. It's essentially a modernized take on classic business wear but adding street style into the mix.

Another example of how I create the "modernized business street style" look is by mixing patterns. Mixing patterns has always been such a taboo in the fashion world, until recently. I feel like all I see these days is pattern on pattern on pattern. It's definitely a lot for the eye to handle but I couldn't agree with a trend more!

I'm a strong believer in patterns being paired with other patterns because it elevates the look by adding an editorial touch.

Black and white have always had a special place in my heart (as you can tell by a few of my lookbooks) - they just pair so beautifully and compliment one another in the highest degree. I also love how easily you can add a pop of color to any black/white themed outfit.

Once again, pattern on pattern! Cheetah/leopard print have been a favorite of mine for a while now - and now that animal print is back in style, I can mix all of them! Snake skin is definitely one of my favorite prints and it compliments cheetah print when paired.

I think that a lot of brands have hopped on the Burberry tan/brown/beige/cream look and since then I haven't been able to take my eyes off anything that's a shade of brown! Mixing trends can also be difficult if you haven't done it often. I think that this look encompasses three of the biggest trends right now - Burberry brown, pattern mixing, and animal print.

Although I know this blog is called "A New York Minute", I do happen to live on the west coast so I can't help but follow LA trends as well. This particular look absolutely screams LA street style and it's perfect for some of the confusing 75 degree "winter" days.

What are some of your winter essentials that you absolutely cannot live without?

Until next time,


"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin"

Matthew 6:28


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