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Back to School: A Preppy Style Guide

It's that time of the year again (the time of the year that we haven't officially experienced in forever), back to school season!

For those of you who want to go all out on your outfits this semester, which may or may not be due to the lack of social interaction this past year and a half, I've got you covered with my preppy style guide!

Button Downs:

Button downs are an absolute staple in your wardrobe. They never fail in terms of versatility and when it comes to preppy style, you can never go wrong with adding a button down to your outfit!

If you want to switch it up from the classic white button down, I definitely recommend searching your local thrift store to find some cool patterns or different colors.

Tennis Skirts:

Tennis skirts will always hold a special place in my heart. Much like button downs, they are extremely versatile and you can never have too many tennis skirts.

If you want a more classically preppy aesthetic, I would suggest getting black, navy blue, white, and plaid tennis skirts!

Mini Backpacks:

I know what you're thinking - "a mini backpack? how impractical for school..."

But, if you're someone like me who didn't like carrying loads of bulky supplies to school, and preferred carrying smaller supplies, mini backpacks are essential for you.

During my on-campus college days, I didn't even carry around notebooks and pencils, I simply carried my laptop with me and used my mini backpack for the random stuff that I needed like my calculator, laptop pen, and things that I would normally carry in my purse.

Mary Janes:

I cannot stress enough how well Mary Janes put together any preppy look. My first obsession with the style came from watching Clueless for the first time - Cher's white Mary Janes unlocked a whole new fashion venture for me!

One of the best things about Mary Janes is that they're usually such a comfortable shoe. Since they have a thick block heel and they typically aren't a higher heel, they are the ideal heel to wear to school because they don't usually hurt your feet.

Bermuda Shorts:

Bermuda shorts have had the most insane comeback in the last few years - I cannot believe that many of us used to hate them when we were younger.

Especially when it comes to high school dress codes, bermuda shorts will become your new best friends when you want to style a preppy look. The shorts pictured above were thrifted from a vintage shop so I highly recommend stopping by your nearest thrift shop to find some unique bermuda shorts!


Speaking of styles that I used to hate wearing growing up... Polos are great because they're super easy to layer, they're lightweight for the warmer months, and they are simple to throw on while still looking good.

Personally, I love adding a necklace under the collar whenever I wear a polo - I feel like it elevates the style so much more and gives it the perfect amount of preppiness!


Wearing heels to school every day, or even most days, is extremely impractical. However, when you still want to look good and/or have a preppy look for the day, loafers will not fail you!

I would have killed for a good pair of loafers in high school. They're comfortable, stylish, and they practically go with everything because they have a wide range of styles offered by different brands!

Accent Jewelry:

Last but certainly not least, jewelry is what will take your look to the next level. It is so important not to forget your accessories when you're styling an outfit because it usually makes or breaks your look.

When I style a preppy outfit, I will typically go for a pearl necklace, a watch, pearl studs, or small hoops. Simple, but elegant/classy is the way to go when styling a preppy look!

I hope that you gained a bit of insight on how to style your next preppy look - happy back to school season!

. . .

For more fashion content, check out my Instagram page - feel free to follow along on my fashion and modeling ventures!


"For every house is built by some man, but he that built all things is God"

Hebrews 3:4

-- Faith Blackshear


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