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Anti-Valentine's Day Guide - 10 Things To Do When Single on V-Day

Love is in the air - grab your gas masks!

Valentine's Day is finally here - for some of us, that means cuddling up next to your partner or going on a romantic date; for others, like me, it means working or watching yet another rom-com.

So for this Valentine's Day, let me help you out by giving you a couple ideas to try to make the day less lonely if you don't have a partner to spend it with!



1. Spend time with your friends! If you have friends who also don't have a significant other to spend the day with, or they can't for some reason, spending time together will make the day a lot less boring.

2. Take yourself on a date. Go to that restaurant you've been wanting to try for months but haven't had anyone to go with. Today's all about love and appreciation, so do yourself a favor and do something for you!

3. Treat yourself - buy yourself chocolate, flowers, and whatever else! Don't be afraid to take a little shopping trip and order flowers ahead of time - trust me, you'll be super excited to open the door to flowers on V-Day. (just make sure you don't break the bank!)

4. Pamper your skin, nails, and hair. Pampering yourself is perhaps the second best form of self-love (behind taking care of your mental health). Take today to put on a face mask or two, an eye mask, lip mask, try out some body exfoliant, and oil those cuticals!

5. Relax. Everyone else who has a significant other has been stressing about today for weeks - you're lucky you didn't have to! Take today to binge-watch your favorite show or have that movie marathon you haven't had time to complete.

6. Host a "Singles Only" party/get together. Hosting a get together with all your friends who have nothing better to do on Valentine's day is a great way to bond over your single-ness and enjoy each other's company!

7. Go on a friend date. If you and your best friend happen to both be single this year, go out and treat each other to some fun! You could even book a couple's massage and take advantage of the holiday deals and promotions.

8. Have a mini photoshoot! The best way to feel good about yourself is to dress up and take a bunch of cute pictures. You could even have a friend over and take photos of each other to add to the fun - might as well try out some fun new makeup looks while you're at it!

9. Book a staycation. If you have a couple hundred bucks laying around (insert sarcasm here), then book a staycation at a nearby resort and take advantage of the amenities!

10. For the love of all things holy, DO NOT STALK YOUR EX - or his new girlfriend!


In all seriousness, Valentine's Day is a lovely holiday where you get to appreciate the love you have for one another - enjoy it! And for all of my friends without a significant other, today's the day to practice some self-love and appreciation!

Until next time,


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Philippians 4:13


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