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A Guide to Wearing Pantsuits - 5 Tips

Pantsuits have officially become my new uniform for life. They're comfortable, there's a whole world of variety, and they give me the business chic look that I'm usually going for.

However, I know that some fashion exploring guys and gals don't have the confidence to rock a pantsuit just yet, so let me help you out with these 5 tips!

Tip 1

Start With Neutrals

Pictured above is my first ever pantsuit - although it has the pattern detailing on it, it's still a very neutral pantsuit that's fitting for a very wide range of occasions.

The best advice I could give if you want to branch out into the world of pantsuits, is to start small by wearing pieces that are neutral colored and/or have minimal detailing as you work your way into getting comfortable with more vibrant/bold suits.

Tip 2

Mix & Match

If you're not comfortable enough to pull out the matching pantsuits yet, you can always start off easier by mixing and matching your suit sets or even just throwing on a blazer and pants!

I still find mixing and matching pant suits to be really fun because it spices up what may be a boring set together and brings them both to life - sometimes, I find it fun to go bold with two vibrant sets and pairing them together.

Tip 3

Play With Patterns

Once you've come out of your shell a bit and dipped your toes into the waters of pantsuits, it's time to play with some new patterns.

Patterned pantsuits always get the most attention and are usually the easiest to pair with other clothing. Usually, if I'm rocking a patterned suit for the day, I'll throw on a plain top underneath and plain shoes to match, and I'm ready to go!

Tip 4

Try Out Shorts Suits

For the pantsuit fanatics like myself, we need alternatives to them for the summer months. My go-to for summer is wearing shorts suits instead, or simply pairing one of my blazers with shorts that I have to match.

Shorts suits are one of the chic-est outfits that you can wear during the summer - I love to wear soft tones when it comes to suits in the warmer months.

Tip 5

Go Bold!

Now that your confidence is officially built, it's time to go bold! Pictured above is my first bold pantsuit - it has snake skin detailing and it's made of satin material.

This is definitely my favorite pantsuit in my collection because it's the most intricate; so far, I've only worn it to shoot in, but one day soon, this baby will be taken to an important business meeting and get the chance to live up to expectations!

Check out my post on 5 Brands I've Been Loving to see where a few of these sets have come from!


And all that will live godly in Christ, Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

2 Timothy 3:12-13

-- Faith Blackshear


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