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5 Work From Home Outfits

Staying home all day calls for comfy outfits, especially when working from home. So, today I have a list of my top 5 comfy outfits that I think you'll enjoy!

Working from home calls for a lot of sweatshirts and sweatpants - however, some days you just want to feel like you actually have a life outside of the house! From Zoom meetings to taking a break to do some yoga, you'll need a well-rounded capsule of comfortable clothes to get through this work-from-home era!

Shop the looks here!

1. Express Slip Dress

Slip dresses are perfect for strolling, casual days, and lounging around the house - you can dress them up or dress them down! This slip dress from Express is great because you can throw it on for any Zoom/Skype meeting and instantly look put together. You could also throw a blazer on it and look even more professional.

2. ASOS Sweat Suit

Like many people, I love a good matching sweat suit - they're great for layering during the winter/fall and you can make them super chic with the right jewelry and accessories. This cropped set from ASOS would be great to run errands in during the spring on the warmer days so that your body can still breathe a bit.

3. ASOS Tracksuit

Currently, ASOS is having some major sweatsuit sales and the timing couldn't be better. While working from home, I can't think of a better way to spruce up your lounging-around wardrobe than having a bunch of matching sets - especially tracksuits. Tracksuits are perfect to throw on for every-day wear so that you can actually change out of your pajamas for the day and still feel like you're wearing pajamas!

4. Finish Line Leggings

During this time of uncertainty, staying active in any way that you can is extremely important. Working from home can seem like a breeze when you think about it, but sooner or later your body will be begging you to get some fresh air and move your body, other than walking from the living room to the bathroom 5 times a day.

These leggings from Finish Line can help motivate you to start doing daily yoga, at-home work outs, or going hiking (at a safe distance, of course). Personally, having cute new gym clothes motivates me to actually work out!

5. ASOS Sweat Shorts

These sweat shorts from ASOS are a dream to say the least. Sweat shorts have become my new favorite bottoms and I've never felt better! Paired with a white tank top, you'll be feeling like an "off-duty model" in no time. Any bottoms with drawstrings are perfect for staying at home because they'll keep you comfortable no matter how much pasta you've had this week!

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