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5 Ways to Style a Scarf - Fashion Guide

Spring time calls for versatility in your accessorizing - so, here's 5 ways that I style one scarf!


Check out my YouTube video: "5 Ways to Style a Scarf"!


Style 1

For my first style, I did the classic tie pattern that everyone does when deciding to wear their scarf as a top.

This look works perfectly as a swimsuit cover-up top and also gives off major music festival vibes!

Scarf: Shein (similar)

Style 2

This style is by far my favorite - it gives off a Parisian spring time feel and I couldn't be happier about it!

One of my favorite features about this style is that it has a droop-neck; these are so elegant and flirty.

This style also features a completely open back which is perfect for those hot spring days.

Style 3

This style was inspired by the classic beach cover up - taken to the next level. Layering this with a midi skirt just adds so much to your look.

If you really want your combination to stand out, pair your scarf with a skirt that compliments one of the colors in the scarf.

Here, I paired my scarf with a dark blue velvet skirt to bring out the blue in the floral print.

Style 4

This look can be paired with a cute cardigan, jacket, or be worn on a blazing summer day (just make sure you're covered in SPF!).

I liked this look because it's simple, comfortable, and makes me feel like I'm headed to the beach! - even though there isn't one until 300 miles from where I live.

Style 5

For my last style, I decided to wear my scarf as an actual scarf! This look reminds me of going golfing during spring and having the wind blow through my hair while riding in a golf cart.

This look is super versatile because you could take it off and wrap it around your head as well!

How would you style your scarf for this spring?

Until next time,


"If you can believe, all things are possible to he who believes"

Mark 9:23


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