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5 Post Quarantine Outfits

Self-isolation may be coming to an official end, and with that, comes an excitement to wear all of the new outfits we've been hoarding in our closets from shopping online for these past couple months. Today, I'm sharing my top 5 outfits that I'm excited to wear once self-isolation is officially over!

Outfit 1

This outfit is perhaps the one that I'm looking forward to wearing the most. And even though over sized blazer season is long gone in Arizona, I never got the chance to rock this look when the weather was perfect, so I'll be rocking it as soon as I can! An over sized blazer paired with accent belts is, without a doubt, the look that every fashion blogger has down to the T. I paired this look with my black booties from Aldo and some biker shorts so that I wouldn't be exposed to the world.

Pro tip: If you want a blazer that's truly over sized, shop in the men's section to find the perfect fit!

Outfit 2

Baby doll dresses and kitten heels are what my Parisian summer dreams are made of! This particular baby doll dress is from the Who What Wear collection which you can find at Target! This look can even double as a super casual outfit for wearing around the house when you need a boost in confidence. It's perfect because you can dress it up or down and it's comfortable enough to lounge around in.

Outfit 3

For my next event, this look will officially be christened. Pyramid heels, specifically the Amina Muaddi ones, have been absolutely everywhere these days. For those of us unable to snag a pair of the beloved heels, these dupes from Shein are a great compromise!

My little black dress selection is a bit lacking, however, I'm so glad I have this shirt dress because it's super chic and has a little bit of edge.

Outfit 4

Utility has always been a favorite style of mine - this top from Bershka Collection is one of my recent favorites of my purchases from the last couple months. I paired this top with my utility style shorts from Pitaya and threw on some Converse to make the look a bit more casual. I love this look because it has a bit of a Tomb Raider vibe, which is always a great look!

Outfit 5

Finding the perfect cropped cardigan has been on my radar for quite a while now. Usually when I find a cropped cardigan, it's either too long or the sleeves are much too short. Luckily, Shein had this cardigan that fits exactly the way I want it to!

Once again, Bershka Collection came through with an amazing piece. These cargo pants fit super well around the waist, which is extremely hard to come by!

P.S. Use code "USA277" when registering for Shein to receive money off every order! Also, when shopping on Bershka, make sure to check out the size chart because they run a bit small.


You can check out my YouTube video on my 5 post quarantine outfits as well!

Until next time,


"For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death"

Romans 8:2


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