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5 Loungewear Sets to Buy Now

Never underestimate the power of a comfy loungewear set. Loungewear sets are perfect for working from home, spa days, or just having a super relaxing day around the house. Today, I'm showing you all 5 loungewear sets that I thank you may enjoy!

1. Casual Comfy Set

The Cloud 9 Pajama Set from Summersalt is the perfect set if you're just looking for a simple set to lounge around the house all day in. This polyester blend set will keep you cozy and comfortable no matter what the day has in store for you.

Bonus points: this set goes for under $100!

2. Elegant Feather Trim Set

For the days you need a boost in confidence, but don't want to go the extra mile, I recommend picking up a super elegant and comfy loungewear set, like The Feather Trim PJ Set! This specific set has been making waves in the fashion world during this self-isolation era and I'm definitely a fan!

This set comes in quite a few different colors and trims, making it a fun wardrobe essential that you can mix and match.

3. Silk-Satin Set

Personally, I love silk and satin everything - so, it's no surprise that I fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it. Silk has a way of making you feel elegant when you wear it, even if you're just going to bed or lounging around your house all day.

As for sleeping in general, I highly recommend not only picking up a pair of silk/satin pajamas, but bedding as well. Your hair, skin, and body will thank you for it later!

4. Casual Shorts Set

As summer quickly approaches, the need for shorts pajama sets also rises. Shorts sets are great because they keep you cool which still being a stylish pajama set. I highly recommend picking up a shorts loungewear set because they also double as the perfect travelling outfit - that is, once travelling is socially acceptable and safe for the public again.

Bonus points: this set is currently on sale so you can snag it for under $100 as well!

5. Stylish Accent Set

Accent pajama sets are fun to have in your wardrobe because they're perfect for having spa days with the girls if you want to bring a little life to the party! They can also double as a fun outfit to wear out of the house if styled with the right pieces. This snake skin set from Ginia is perfect for an accent loungewear set because it's also silk and comes in a few different prints.

Bonus: this set is also currently on sale so grab it before it's gone!


Which set was your favorite?

Until next time,


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