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5 Chic Must-Haves for Your Winter Wardrobe

It can definitely be tough to decipher what must-haves you need in your wardrobe, especially when you're someone who loves a majority of the trends! Today I'm giving you all a list of 5 chic must-haves for your winter wardrobe that are all versatile pieces that fit a super wide range of aesthetics.

1 - Minimal Statement Pants

If there's one clothing item that I feel like I can never have too many of, it's pants. Whenever I enter a store, one of my first thoughts is to look for cool, unique pants or minimal pants that still have a little pizzazz to them.

I purchased these brown pants from H&M and they're super comfortable while adding such a chic touch to any outfit I style them with. For reference, I bought a size XS and my size usually ranges from a 00-1 in pants and they fit my waste, butt, and legs perfectly. They also have quite a bit of stretch to them so keep that in mind before you decide on a size.

2 - Medium Sized Bag

I find myself wanting/needing to carry more around during the winter like gloves, multiple lip balms, and other extraneous items. This bag from Coach is the perfect medium sized bag for me - it's much bigger than most of the bags that I like to carry around but is still able to be worn as a shoulder bag.

3 - Blazer

It almost feels like blazers will never go out of style - they are just simply so chic and essential to a wide variety of wardrobes. This particular blazer from Animari the Label is great for any season because it's made of satin so you can wear it during the blazing summer or layer it during the cooler months.

Blazers are an easy way to dress up a simple outfit; they make you look put together and obviously add to your warmth during the winter. It's always nice to change up your look with different styles of blazers - there are definitely some funky ones out there that I encourage you to look for!

4 - Walkable Boots

Walkable boots are an absolute must-have during winter. Personally, I love to go for a platform boot (during all seasons) because they add extra cushion, height, and I simply like the look of them better than boots without a platform sole.

It's important that you choose boots that are super comfortable and walkable during the winter because there is simply nothing worse than being cold and in pain when you're just trying to go somewhere.

5 - Everyday Jewelry

Whether you're into statement or minimal jewelry, having a set that you can throw on every day without thinking about it too much is definitely a blessing when it comes to your winter wardrobe.

To make things easier when I'm getting dressed for the day, I like to have all of my every day jewelry set out in one area so that I can grab and go if I'm in a hurry without thinking about if it matches my outfit or not. Of course, when I have an outfit that took a lot more planning than usual, then I'll definitely think about my jewelry a bit more!


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"Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other"

Psalms 85:10

-- Faith Blackshear


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