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30 Things To Do During Summer Vacation - Isolation Edition

It's that time again! Summer's heating up and so is the summer boredom crisis. Luckily for you, I have the perfect list of things do to when you're bored during your long, summer days. (isolation friendly!)

1. Movie Marathon

Movie marathons will never let you down - check out my favorite movies for inspiration! You could also grab your friends on Zoom/Skype to make it a special event for everyone.

2. Make a Tutorial on YouTube

YouTube tutorials will forever be inspirational - where else does one turn to learn a new skill?

3. Go Viral on TikTok

Recently, it's been a trend to go viral on TikTok and to see how fast you can achieve this goal - so, I challenge you to go viral as well! What do you have to lose?

4. Make a Charcuterie Board

Remember all those incredibly delicious boards of cheese and crackers that you saw all over Pinterest? Well, now's the time to make one for yourself!

5. Practice New Recipes

There's no time like the present to try out some new recipes - you won't regret it!

6. Do Some Online Shopping

Online shopping will always have your back - I also highly recommend trying to forget about your purchases so that when they come in the mail, it will be like Christmas!

7. Have a Self-Timer Photoshoot

This is the perfect time to practice your posing and selfie skills!

8. FaceTime Your Friends

You can update your friends about your finals, your summer plans, or whatever news you may have been holding back on.

9. Learn How to Sew

Learning how to sew will be something that you'll value for the rest of your days - you will have the means to create so much more now!

10. Read A New Book

Summer is the best time to read all of the books on your list - especially on the hottest of summer days.

11. Make Popsicles

Popsicles don't always have to be made purely of sugar syrup and water - you can try out your own new recipe and have a blast doing it!

12. Try New Makeup Looks

Once again, you can head over to your neighborhood YouTube channel and check out makeup tutorials to play around with.

13. Have a Picnic in Your Yard

Picnics are summer's finest activity - all of your favorite fruits are probably in season so it's time to snack!

14. Camp in Your Backyard

Pitch your tent, grab some wood for a campfire, and grab your s'mores ingredients, because it's time to go camping! (in your yard)

15. Start a Garden

Although the weather seems a bit unbearable for sweating over plants all day, your new friends in a few months will be eternally grateful.

16. Ride Your Bike

Bike riding is a great way to stay active, while still catching a great breeze. You could bike to the market to pick up some snacks, or just bike around the block.

17. Practice New Yoga Moves

To spruce up your regular yoga activities, you could do yoga while face timing your friend or make it a whole event with a Zoom/Skype call.

18. Make Lemonade

Lemon trees are flourishing and they're ready to be squeezed to make the most delicious lemonade ever!

19. Plan Your Post-Isolation Vacation

Like many of us, I'm sure that you're thinking about the summer plans you had to cancel because of isolation. However, it's not all bad - there's still the future! Time to start planning and saving for that future trip that you've been waiting for.

20. Host Brunch for Your Family

If you're living with your family at this time, throwing a brunch would be a great way to get the family together for a great meal of pastries, fruit, eggs, and maybe a mimosa or two!

21. Practice Your Painting Skills

Painting is a great way to relieve stress and have a creative outlet! You can even make an Etsy shop of your paintings if you're willing to sell.

22. Spa Day

Spa days are great for relaxing, self care, and recharging your battery for another productive week!

23. Get Fresh Fruit

Check out your local farmer's market for the freshest fruit and the best deals!

24. DIY Something

DIYing is the best the way to get creative when you're bored at home. You can make new clothes out of your old ones that you don't like anymore, or you can make some home decor to redecorate your room.

25. Redecorate Your Space

Redecorating your living space always does a great job of inspiring you to clean and get creative about your home environment. Check out a few home decor products that I think you may enjoy!

26. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies have definitely become more popular since social-distancing. I highly recommend that you go check one out over the weekend!

27. Write Letters to Your Friends

Having a pen pal, even if you know the person already, is a great way to help you learn patience and get to know someone better!

28. Make a Summer Music Playlist

Whichever music you're listening to right now, put it on your summer playlist! When you go back to listen to this playlist in the future, it will bring you back to the feeling of summer and brighten your mood.

29. Make Desserts

Baking is always a great time - you can even make it more fun by going live on Instagram while you bake or make an IGTV video for your friends!

30. Start Your Own Blog!

If you're reading over all of the "100+ Things to Do During Summer" lists on Google and thinking you should create a fun blog like this, then do it! Blogs don't always have to cost money or be for a higher purpose, sometimes it's just fun to blog about random things for friends/family or yourself!


What summer activities do you have planned?

Until next time,


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