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20 Black Owned Brands to Support

Black owned brands deserve to be supported not only today, or this week when it's "trendy", but all times of the year, every year. To help you out with your black-owned shopping ventures, I've composed a list of 20 black owned brands for you to support financially and socially!

art work by Shelby Cowley


1. Brother Vellies

Focus: Shoes

Location: Brooklyn, New York

2. Local European

Focus: Clothing & Accessories

Location: Los Angeles, California

3. Matte Brand

Focus: Clothing

Location: International

4. Legendary Rootz

Focus: Cultural Apparel

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

5. Loveur

Focus: Couture

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

6. Desertd

Focus: Vintage

Location: Tucson, Arizona

7. Loza Maleombho

Focus: Shoes & Accessories

Location: Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa/New York, New York

8. Andrea Iyamah

Focus: Clothing & Swim Suits

Location: International


9. Propa Beauty

Focus: Nude Lipstick

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

10. Mented Cosmetics

Focus: Lipstick, Eyeshadow & Nail Polish

Location: National

11. The Lip Bar

Focus: Eyes, Lips, & Face Products

Location: Detroit, Michigan


12. KNC Beauty

Focus: Lip & Eye Care

Location: International

13. Jumu

Focus: Hair Picks

Location: National

14. SkinButtr

Focus: Body Scrubs & Butters

Location: National

15. Black Girl Sunscreen

Focus: Sunscreen

Location: International

16. Base Butter

Focus: Moisturizer

Location: International

17. Carol's Daughter

Focus: Hair Care

Location: New York, New York

18. Curl Box

Focus: Hair Care

Location: International

19. Golde

Focus: Superfood

Location: Brooklyn, New York

20. Oui The People

Focus: Shaving Products

Location: National


While finding the means and resources to compile this list of black owned businesses, I realized that I am also guilty of not shopping from black owned brands. However, after discovering these brands, I am happy to say that I have a few more places that I'm excited to shop from in the near future!

Thank you all for deciding to make a change, not only in educating yourselves on black owned brands, but in committing to shop from these brands so that they get the recognition they deserve.

Until next time,


"No matter what we give up or do as penance for sins, or to earn favor with God, if we are not putting God first and loving our neighbor, then we are failing."

Frances Taylor


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