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15 Things To Do While Bored at Home

I always like to think of the quote "boredom is the birthplace of creativity" whenever I'm trapped in the void of boredom. So today, I have a few ideas to help you get out of the funk, and do some things you'll enjoy!

Whether you're social distancing, having a lazy day, or just bored inside on a hot summer's day, these ideas will help combat any boredom you may be facing!

  1. If you've recently been placed into online classes, voluntarily or involuntarily, make sure to take them seriously - it may seem like you can just blow off your classes because of all your spare time, but online classes can often be much more challenging than in-person courses. P.S. if you need tips on surviving online school, check out my post!

  2. Take care of yourself - aka pamper yourself! Why not have a spa night and pamper yourself without spending a bunch of money at a professional spa? Taking care of your mental health in whatever way works for you is also a great way to spend your time whenever you have a free day.

  3. I highly suggest spending most of your time off of social media - as young people in the age of technology, it is way too easy for us to turn to social media to cure boredom. This can be harmful to not only your mental health, but you don't realize that you've wasted your whole day until it's too late!

  4. Read! Everyone's number 1 excuse for why they aren't reading is because they don't have the time - well now you do. If you aren't willing to brave the outdoors to stop by your local bookstore or library, then get them delivered to you from Amazon or read digital copies!

  5. Start a new hobby - baking, painting, video gaming, learning guitar, or even master the art of chess! Now is the perfect time to try out new things that have been on your "to-learn" list.

  6. Start the things you've always wanted to do - a blog, learning a new language, creating a business, or whatever else you haven't had the time to do. The only way to get things done is to actually start them!

  7. If you're a blogger like me, then having spare time to catch up on creating blog posts and content is phenomenal. You can create filler pieces now so that you'll have more time to create more important posts later, or, if you're short on time in the future, you'll have a few posts handy!

  8. Treat yourself to a little online shopping (at the last resort!) I know that online shopping out of sheer boredom isn't the most sustainable or financially responsible thing to recommend, but sometimes you just need a little retail therapy.

  9. Do some spring cleaning! This includes going through old photos and even your closet to make a donation pile - you can even start a Depop if you'd rather sell your items. Deep cleaning around the house is also something that your future self will greatly appreciate and will also help declutter your mind.

  10. Try out fun makeup looks and have a mini photoshoot afterwards. Look up some inspo pictures on Pinterest/Instagram for looks to recreate; and if you're feeling really frisky, record yourself and start a YouTube channel!

  11. Binge watch a new show or movie series - we all have a show we've been meaning to watch for the past few months but never had the time. Luckily for you, now you have plenty of time, so grab your favorite snacks and hop on the couch!

  12. Cook a fresh meal - or 2! or 3! Spending the day at home means you have all the time in the world to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for yourself; so, do your gut a favor!

  13. Call your friends and family - especially the one's you haven't spoken to in a while. During our busy lives, speaking to our loved ones is often the priority that gets put on the back burner. Sad, but true. Take this chance to speak to your relatives who you don't get to see often, they'd love to hear from you!

  14. Relax. Don't think about the pressures or pains of life - think about puppies!

  15. Last but not least, make sure you at least take a few steps outside to get some fresh air and remember what the world looks like - take a gander at the clouds in the sky!

Until next time,


"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble"

Psalm 46:1


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