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10 Things You Can Do to Support During Black History Month

February, also known as, Black History Month.

If you're stuck on how to support the black community during this time, I've curated a list of 10 things you can do to show you care this month.


Follow Black Creatives

If you haven't seen them already, a lot of creatives actually post lists of black creatives on their Instagram stories that they are already supporting to bring awareness to their accounts. It's always a great way to network, show that you're making the effort, and to give black creatives a chance at a bigger platform.

Next time you see a story post like this, I highly recommend checking out a few of the listed black creatives to show your support this Black History Month!


Shop Black Owned Businesses

I'm sure that you saw this tip coming. But, yes, please go out and buy black this month, and every other month, to show your support of black owned businesses across the globe. Do this in hopes of gaining a new regular place to shop from, instead of only buying black when it's Black History Month or there's a civil movement.

Of course, financial support of businesses isn't everything, but it certainly helps!


Read Up On Black History

(since it's not really taught in schools and all...)

Knowing black history will help put a lot of things into perspective when it comes to understanding why it's so important to support the black community. Along with that, there are a lot of amazing things that the black community is responsible for in the U.S. that would be great to have knowledge on!


Donate to Charities

Once again, your financial support will go a long way!

There are numerous charities which go towards helping the black community. I highly recommend doing your research on which charities have the best interest at heart and donating to those this month.


Watch Black History Movies

Luckily for you, most streaming services already have a section dedicated for "black history movies" and/or "black movies" so you won't have to search for them!

Along with watching black history movies this month, I recommend catching up on your "predominantly black" movies as well with comedies/romances such as Madea, White Chicks, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, I could go on...


Visit a Black History Museum

Museums in general are a great place to experience a bit of culture so I definitely recommend you search your nearest Black History Museum and take a gander!

This is something that I hope to do this Black History Month as I've yet to get the chance to visit one in the past.


Celebrate Black History

Celebrating black history goes further than just throwing a party with your other black friends.

This month, celebrate black history by trying out new foods, experiencing more culture, watching great black movies, and having discussions. You never know how your perspective can change just by having one influential discussion.


Support Black Artists

I guarantee that there is a black artist in or near your circle that could highly benefit from your support. This month, try reaching out and asking what you could do to help them, or simply show your support by sharing their art to your audience if you're unable to buy their work.

Today, I'd love to highlight one of my friends who is an artist and designer, Philip Gabriel Steverson.

Wife, Husband (Surface Happiness) 2021 pictured to the right by Philip Gabriel Steverson

Please feel free to check out his art and design work on his creative Instagram and his newly launched website.

If you live in Arizona, you should visit the Moodroom Art Gallery in Phoenix to check out various influential artists! This exhibition will be open for a month so visit while you still can!


Read from Black Authors

From Michelle Obama, to Maya Angelou, there are plenty of black authors for you to choose from who will completely change your perspective on what it's like living, particularly as a black woman, in society.

All it takes is one simple Google search of "black authors" and all of the work is done for you. You can even type the same search into Amazon if you're wanting to purchase books there.


Listen More.

If there's one thing that a minority group would wish, is that the majority would listen more when they're speaking on their traumas.

You cannot learn about a minority's struggles by failing to listen to them. So please, speak less, and listen more.


"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."

Revelation 22:21

-- Faith Blackshear


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