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10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Love

Finding the perfect gift for your mom on her special day can be daunting, especially when Mother's Day is right around the corner! However, I've curated a list of Mother's Day gifts that are sure to impress your mom this year!

1. The Perfect Shoes

You know that pair of shoes that you mom has been eyeing and mentioning to you for the past 3 months? GET THEM. Chances are, she won't be treating herself to them this Mother's Day so you have no reason to not buy them for her - and, she's already done all of the hard work for you by choosing them herself.

2. The Perfect Bag

Once again, your mom has probably had her eye on a special purse that she has been unable to afford or she just hasn't had the time or enough motivation to buy it herself. Luckily, she's probably already mentioned it to you in great detail, so you can surprise her with exactly what she's been wanting! (mom's are simple - they hint at any and everything they'd like from you)

3. Jewelry

You can never go wrong with buying your loved ones jewelry - I mean, who doesn't love a new piece to add to their collection? Mother's day is probably the best time to go jewelry shopping because every jewelry store has a sale. They have statement pieces, simple pieces, and there are jewelers that offer customization services!

4. A Shopping Spree

Although mall crawling isn't possible at this time, you can always hand over your credit card to your mom for her to choose whatever she likes online! (there's also no harm in giving her a limit - just so you can stay afloat) Although a shopping spree in the mall is also good for spending quality time with your mom - getting lunch, a coffee, and everything else - you can still help her choose outfits and things where she may want your opinion while online shopping from home.

5. Pajamas

Pajamas are the gift that literally anyone would appreciate. Personally, I hate buying pajamas because I would so much rather spend my shopping money on something I can wear outside of the house - i.e. statement clothing and shoes. However, getting pajamas gifted to you may just be the highlight of you month - less money you have to spend on sleepwear!

6. Family Portraits

Now, clothes, jewelry, and shoes aren't the only things your mom values. Last year for my mom's birthday, my sister and I pitched in to get family portraits done because we hadn't had any taken in years. During my childhood, we would get family portraits done every couple years and it was my mom's favorite thing, ever! I would highly suggest getting the family together for portraits because memories are extremely valuable.

7. A Spa Day - or Retreat

Spa days are essential. Massages, mani-pedis, facials, the works! Although spas aren't taking customers at the moment, there's no harm in an at-home spa day - you could even make a pretend retreat in your living room. If you're feeling particularly giving, you could even throw in a gift bag containing face masks, nail polishes, bath bombs, and other fun spa day essentials.

8. A Goodie Bag

Your goodie bag could include gift cards, her favorite candy & snacks, and could be accompanied by her favorite flowers. Goodie bags make great gifts because it's usually an all encompassing gift so there's no guessing what she would like.

9. Make her Something

Although arts and craft gifts were usually something we got our mom's when we were younger and didn't actually have any money to get her anything, a DIY gift is still something spectacular. Usually, they take much more time than buying a gift ever would, which shows that you care enough to make time for her. And if you have a talent for anything creative, it will be even more special.

10. Spend the Day Together

Last but not least - spending quality time with your mom is probably all she wanted anyway. You could spend the day catching up, watching your favorite shows/movies, doing makeovers, or whatever your favorite activity together is. Either way, your mom will appreciate that you took the time out of your busy schedule to spend the entire day with her.


What will you be getting your mom this year for Mother's Day?

Until next time,


"Honor for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." - Proverbs 31:31

"You should be known from the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God" - 1 Peter 3:4


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