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10 Items to Have in Your Home Office

Your home office doesn't have to strictly consist of books, files, and sticky notes - you should also have some items in there that inspire you to be productive and work harder. Today I'm sharing with you all 10 essential items to have in your home office to make for a pleasing work environment!

1. The Perfect Desk


I highly suggest investing the most in your desk for your at-home office - that's where you'll spend the most time. Choosing the right desk for you will take a bit of thinking; ask yourself these questions before you buy: "how big is my space", "what all needs to fit on my desk", "how often do I actually like working at a desk". These are all factors that you need to consider before spending anything on your desk of choice.

Investing in your desk will benefit you because having an aesthetically pleasing space to work on will motivate you to work harder and be more productive.

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2. Desk Decor


Desk decor will bring your home office to the next level - they can be functional or just for aesthetics! Personally, I'm currently transitioning my desk from my office to my room to amp up my room space, and I've started with the decor, instead of the functional items. So far, I've been more motivated to actually work at my desk, as opposed to when it was in my office and I didn't like working in there.

For small trinkets, I recommend scouting out your local yard sales and Goodwill because they have the best deals and broadest selection.

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3. Extra Seating


Whether it’s a couch, more office chairs, or arm chairs, extra seating will benefit you when having meetings or work dates in your home office. Some chairs even offer laptop table attachments which would save you the hassle of purchasing extra tables to accommodate your guests. However, if you prefer separate tables, side tables always boost your ambiance.

Extra seating can also be useful if you just want to work in different areas of your office - it gives you a bit of a change in environment, which is always refreshing when working.

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4. Wireless Mouse & Pad


If you use a laptop to do your work, I highly suggest picking up a wireless mouse and mouse pad. Having a mouse will make your work life so much easier - instead of having to use the mouse on your laptop, you'll have free range to move your hand around your desk! I recommend buying a mouse that matches your desk decor so that you don't have an oddball sitting on your desk.

Wireless mouses can be found on Amazon, your laptop brand's website, or anywhere that sells computer accessories.

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5. External Hard Drive


Simply put, external hard drives will save your life! For laptop users, it often costs a fortune to get a laptop with the storage capacity you want. So, buying an external hard drive is your next best bet - they usually range from $50-$150, depending on how much additional space you need. External hard drives come in handy when you need to send large files from one device to another, you want to back up files, and when you just simply don't have space on your laptop.

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6. Wireless Charging Dock


Wireless charging docks are great for adding a boost of aesthetic to your desk, opposed to having an unpleasant cord hanging from the edge of your desk. Many times, wireless chargers are large enough for you to charge your ear buds, phone, and smart watch all at the same time, making charging a more efficient task.

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7. Bookshelf


These days, bookshelves are used more for having an "Instagram worthy" room. But, your bookshelf can add plenty of practical value to your home office. Personally, I used my bookshelf for storing camera equipment, but I will be turning it into my new shoe rack and storing my camera gear elsewhere. Your bookshelf can be used for books, decor, important files, bags, or whatever else you may need to store off of the floor.

I recommend asking yourself these question before investing in a bookshelf: "how much do I care about how it looks", "how much do I need to store", "what do I need to store", and "how much space do I have?" These questions will help you assess your budget before investing in your new bookshelf.

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8. Pen Holder


Pen holders usually double as decor for your home office and hold more than just pens! You can use your pen holder to store your phone, sticky notes, glasses, or anything else you want to keep off of your desk top.

Pro tip: look through the makeup brush holders when shopping to find more intricate pen holders for you desk!

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9. Office Chair w/ Wheels


Along with a fantastic desk, you're going to need an even better office chair - you'll be sitting in it for hours, so you'll need to be comfortable! Office chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and designs; so, it's important to know exactly what you're looking for before you simply search "office chairs" on Google. When looking for an office chair, make sure it has enough padding to sustain your back's comfort all day. You'll also probably want to have wheels on it if you often move around in your office while working.

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10. Desk Lamp


Having a desk lamp is essential for those of us who get our bursts of creativity after dark! Luckily for all of us, desk lamps don't usually run extreme prices, so you can buy the most aesthetically pleasing one without breaking the bank!

If you aren't a fan of having a separate lamp and pen holder, there are plenty of lamps that come with pen holders attached at the base, so you get a 2-in-1!

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Until next time,


"In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

John 1:4-5


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