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10 Items I Never Travel Without

As you're reading this, I am currently en route to San Diego, California in a car filled with friends. When travelling, there are quite a few items that I always take with me to ensure that I have my best possible trip.

Today, I'm sharing my 10 essential items for travelling, whether it's a road trip, or a plane trip, and hopefully this list will help you out the next time you're scrambling about what to pack!

1 - Tripod

My tripod is practically my best friend when it comes to shooting content - she fits perfectly in my suitcase/tote bag and helps me when I don't have anyone to shoot with me (which is 90% of the time).

Although it may seem a bit "extra" to someone who doesn't shoot content for a living, I definitely wouldn't recommend letting that hold you back from bringing your tripod with you everywhere! My tripod always comes in handy when I need it and hasn't failed me yet!

2 - Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds, or any wireless earphones, are a must-have when it comes to travelling. Personally, I can't go on long trips without my Galaxy Buds because they allow me to listen to my music and podcasts without bothering others, and they don't have wires to get in the way.

Just make sure you charge your wireless earphones before you leave so that you aren't let down!

3 - Spare Headphones

Hear me out...taking two pairs of ear/headphones with you while travelling is the move.

If you're anything like me and your ear buds have a tendency of being dead just when you need them most, having a backup pair of wired headphones with you will solve your problems!

Although some aren't fans of wired ear/headphones anymore, they have one very special characteristic that is crucial for traveling: they don't die. So, I highly recommend taking a backup pair of earphones or headphones with you the next time you travel!

4 - Chargers

Chargers, chargers, and more chargers.

You literally can never have enough chargers while travelling, or in life in general. I find that carrying at least two chargers with you while travelling will save your life - one for the car and one for where ever else, is usually ideal.

When travelling, I typically like to have two chargers so that I can keep one in the car, and one in my hotel room. And when I need to recharge my Galaxy Buds, I can still charge them while I charge my phone overnight as well because I have two chargers with me!

5 - Makeup

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't wear makeup every day, or even most days, but I carry my makeup bag with me just in case I want to do my makeup on the trip.

Especially when I'm travelling for modeling, I like to carry my makeup with me in case I need to bring my specific foundation to set or if I need to shoot content on the go as well.

In general, I just like to carry my makeup bag with me while travelling because I never know when I'll want to wear makeup and I enjoy having the option to just in case!

6 - Laptop

Life of a workaholic, am I right?

I carry my laptop with me practically everywhere, even when I'm not travelling.

Sometimes you just really need to watch some Netflix on your laptop or send an important follow-up email. And for those reasons, and many more, I take me laptop with me whenever I travel!

7 - Slippers

No brainer! Slippers are like God's gift to us after a long day; you get to slide your feet into the fuzziest and most comfortable shoe you own, and relax.

I take my slippers with me while travelling so that when I take my shoes off in the hotel, or wherever I'm staying, I can have maximum comfort on my feet, and keep my bare feet, or socks, from touching a foreign ground.

Even if it's a road trip and I end up driving right back home after my work is done, I still like to have my slippers on hand for when I'm in the car for hours. Comfort knows no bounds!

8 - Portable Charger

Portable chargers are absolutely essential for the long trips, or even the shorter trips when you know that you're going to be away from a wall charger most of the time.

I highly recommend investing in a good portable charger because although any portable charger is better than not having one at all, you'll find that a good one will be able to charge your phone multiple times over without having to be charged again.

9 - Aquaphor

Aquaphor is a necessity every day of every week, travelling or not.

I carry my Aquaphor with me everywhere I go - there are very few feelings worse than having dry, chapped, lips without having anything to moisturize them with.

Personally, I like using Aquaphor because its liquid texture sinks into my skin better than a normal chapstick - it doesn't feel like I'm just rubbing wax goop on my lips that won't settle in for hours.

10 - Water Bottle

Last but not least, probably in the top 3 the most important things to carry with you while travelling: water.

It's no secret that humans need water to survive. While travelling, I find it particularly helpful to carry a reusable water bottle with me because it encourages me to drink water, especially when I'm distracted by travelling and working.

If you haven't already, go get yourself a new water bottle, or two, and up your water drinking game!

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"For the Lord will not forsake his people for his great name's sake: because it has pleased the Lord to make you his people"

1 Samuel 12:22

-- Faith Blackshear

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