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10 Essential Wardrobe Accent Pieces - Fashion Guide

When building your wardrobe, it's important to have plenty of basics and buildable pieces, but it's also important to get accent pieces as well. Today, I'll be giving you all a list of 10 accent pieces that I think are essential for every wardrobe!

1. Jewelry

Although you may not consider it a part of your wardrobe, jewelry is vital in dressing up your basics and fancier outfits. Jewelry can turn your sweats into a chic look just by adding a few pieces here and there. Personally, I rely on my timeless gold hoops, my bracelet (that I never take off), and a ring or two. If your looking for jewelry that won't completely break the bank, I suggest checking out your local pawn shop, they have super unique pieces that will last you a lifetime.

2. Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazers have become the new black. From wearing them as dresses, to adapting the menswear look, oversized blazers have taken over the fashion world and personally, I can't get enough of them! Blazers in general have a way of making any outfit look more business-chic and adding a belt (or two) just amplifies it that much more.

Tip: When searching for the perfect oversized blazer, check out your local thrift store's men's section - those will be long enough to wear as dresses. (if you're not 5'5" or under, then you probably won't stand a chance in the women's section)

3. Animal Print

Without a doubt, animal print has been one of my absolute favorite trends, ever. Even wearing just a bit of animal print will make your outfit stand out among the crowd and it doesn't take much to add a lot to your outfit. Personally, I have a whole section in my closet dedicated to animal print, and it's my favorite portion of my closet! Although you may not be as obsessed as I clearly am, having a bit of animal print in your wardrobe will certainly prove useful when you want to make a statement with your outfit.

Shop animal print

4. Chic Black Dress

Having a plethora of LBD's will never fail you. However, I do think it's important to have a chic black dress that you can dress up or down to go out in or wear to an event. This shirt dress from Pitaya is one of my favorite LBD's that I own because it takes the trend to a new level - it has a super low-cut neckline and a tie for the waist. I bought this dress before the pandemic and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it out once I get the chance!

Shop chic black dresses

5. Mules

Mules are the perfect shoes to add to your basic outfit because they dress up your look while still keeping you comfortable all day! These black and white polka dot mules from Shein (pictured on the far left) are great because the heel is low enough to keep me comfortable but add the extra substance I need for my outfit.

Discount: When shopping on, use code "USA277" for money off!

Shop mules

6. Mini Bag

Mini bags have definitely been one of my favorite trends from the past couple years. Although many people don't see the value in them because you can really only hold your chapstick and credit cards, I think they're the perfect accent piece to add to your look! And in my case, I usually only like to carry my wallet and chapstick anyways, so they're perfect for me!

Shop mini bags

7. All-Day Pumps

Whether you're going to work or spending all day on the town with your girls, pumps with low heels will become your best friend. If you're like me, and you like to elevate your look when you spend the day out with your girls, low-heel pumps are great because they look incredible while keeping you comfortable all day. These slingbacks from Coach have recently become one of my favorite pairs of shoes because they're super easy to slide on and they don't make me feel like I'm even wearing heels.

Shop low-heel pumps

8. Bright Summer Dress

Summer is upon us, so bright colors are in full force! I love this yellow dress from Pitaya because it's a great length and the yellow is the perfect shade for my skin tone. Too add a bit more to the look, I paired the dress with yellow shades and a brown purse.

Special thanks to Pitaya for having me in this campaign!

Shop summer dresses

9. Satin

Once again, Pitaya came through with another amazing outfit, and this time with a twist - although you can't see it without zooming in, this satin two piece is actually animal print! Champaign is one of my favorite colors so I was stoked to see that this two piece was animal print and champaign colored. Personally, I think that having satin pieces in your wardrobe is great because wearing satin, or silk, makes you feel bougie and it feels great on your skin.

10. Tweed

Much like silk and satin, tweed is one of my favorite textures when it comes to clothing. Tweed two pieces in particular have a way of making you feel like Blair Waldorf, in the best way possible. I love tweed because it's super chic and adds so much to your outfit, even if you're wearing basic pieces alongside it.

Shop tweed


Which accent pieces were your favorite?

Until next time,


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